Moving to Geneva from Canada

Relocating to Geneva

Geneva hosts many headquarters to UN agencies, the Red Cross and other international organizations. A significant financial centre, including for international payment clearance, it is among the top important worldwide cities and places to live.

Geneva is a city of over 200,000, in the Canton of Geneva, at the southern end of Lake Geneva on the Rhone river. Just over half a million inhabit the peninsula surrounded on three sides by France. The natural dominant language is French. That being said, the international flavor carries over into many languages and a few non standard french phrases.

Geneva is, a beautiful place to live. Warm summers, cold winters, beautiful spring and autumn weather, each with their expected scenery. Regulations impose strict control over working hours, 16 annual public holidays and the average of 5.1 weeks of annual holidays, assure living enjoyment. The best time for moving is literally any time. Winter snow has become moderate so only presents a minor inconvenience for moving.

One of the 1st things anyone moving there runs into is how things are closed down on Sunday’s. The Swiss culture balances the work needed to make this co-operative society successful and earn a living. There is an attention to detail that overrides speed, rapid change and adventure. Paper work becomes a never ending documentation of details. Attention to paperwork starts with how you’ve documented the possessions being moved and will expand from there on.

Remember… Vehicles used for 6 months or more are duty free. The paper work required for importation is none the less challenging.