Moving to Bern from Canada

Relocating to Bern

Bern is the effective federal capital of Switzerland, the capital of the canton of Bern and the heart of a metropolitan community of over 660,000. A beautiful place to live.

The spring through autumn of the year is a great time to move. Early spring reduces costs, with the risk that shipping in the winter exposes your temperature sensitive items like lacquer furniture finishes to temperature damage. It is a comfortable time span to do move ins.

Resident foreign nationals make up about a third of Bern’s populations. German is used more than other languages, with a substantial Swiss German vocabulary.  It is not the high German often expected, with over 3000 unique words and unexpected definitions. These blend together fittingly with the medieval flavor and abundant history the city showcases.

Bern’s culture and lifestyle have aspects that impact daily life. Things are closed down on Sunday’s. The Swiss take the weekends to enjoy the outdoors, balancing work needed to make this co-operative society successful and earn a living.

Remember… Vehicles used for 6 months or more are duty free. The paper work required for importation is none the less challenging.