Moving to Germany from Canada

Germany offers an invigorated multicultural society. A strong, safe and exciting place to live with something for everyone. Often not as politically correct as Canadians are used to it has a very healthy respect for and enjoyment of differences. Rules and historic perspective are at the heart of German society. So just follow the rules and all will be the best it can be.

Canadians can visit of 90 days without prior arrangements. Arranging ahead of time, your visa, Anmeldebestaetigung (local ID / registration) and the Wohngeberbescheinigung confirming your residence location, go along way to happiness. You do have up to 12 months to receive possessions, owned for at least 6 months with the least amount of duty and tax costs. Storage, while you decide on what to move is possible with that amount of time. Enough time to decide on which items will continue to bring you joy in your new home.

Items you choose to bring will, as usual for all international moves, need to be inventoried before shipment. Documentation showing purchase value and date, or Canadian registration of item or pet and personal medical records with dates are useful. We do help you with the customs declaration form you must sign and the customs registration.
If you are bringing any type of vehicles documentation of purchase, registration, licensing and insurance will be required. On arrival fees for demurrage (storage and handling delays including customs inspection) along with local inspection approval and local third party insurance are required to be paid before release.

Packing your possessions with an eye beyond just their movement between truck, train and sea is key. Customs inspection where unpacking and repacking are time consuming can add significant and often unexpected charges for storage and handling. Allowing for efficient removal and repack reduces that risk.

Bekins Worldwide has extensive experience focused only on international moving. You benefit from timely information and precise help when your possessions arrive as expected.

German Map of Areas and Cities when moving to Germany from Canada

Relocating to Berlin
Moving to Berlin from Canada

Relocating to Franfurt
Moving to Frankfurt Germany from Canada

Relocating to Hamburg
Moving to Hamburg Germany from Canada

Relocating to Munich
Moving to Munich Germany from Canada

To make a call to Germany

• Dial 011 ( for outside North America)
• Dial 49 ( code for Germany )
• Dial the city area code
Berlin 30,Franfurt 69,Hamburg 40,Munich 89
• Dial local phone number

In Germany 112 is for emergencies