Store N Go for International Corporate or On Going Moving

Store N Go – Later International Move Options

Store N Go International Moving

Get Settled In Your New Home, then decide which of your possessions should be shipped to you OR leave them in storage for when you move back to Canada. Being a tourist in any country is different from becoming a permanent resident. An option that remains until you deal with:
• everyday government regulations
• local medical and hospital services
• schools and education options
• local cost of living and food options
• religious differences and implications
• the differences between what people say, think and actually do

A little extra time allows everyone to settle into and clarify local realities.

Give Bekins Worldwide a call to ship or store your packed possessions until you decide to either ship them to your next destination or repatriate them.

Either way you are making the best decision until you really know what will be best.

Pay N Go – Pack, Drop Off, Destination Pick Up

Pack N Go International Moving

Pack your possessions, drop them off at Bekins Worldwide and pick them up at your destination port of entry customs facility.
You want to do the packing but need help with interim storage and managing the transfers to the destination country customs office. Once it arrives there you will again take over to do the customs clearance, storage, handling and any demurage.

You have moved back and forth from the destination country before and know what is involved when it comes to receiving an international shipment. The help you need is to process and manage shipments internationally. Past experience has shown you the problems that transferring between carriers produce. Times change and you have seen carrier costs change unexpectedly. Using Bekins to manage your already packed items from its warehouse to to the customs port in your destination country makes things more reliable and cost effective processing.

The Bekins Custom Built Storage and Processing Facilities

Concrete and Steel Storage Construction

Bekins has been custom building is storage and processing facilities since the early 1900’s. As you will see, much has improved since then but the original concrete and steel style of construction has remained fundamental.

Temperature Stability a Bekins Wordwide

Constant monitoring of each areas temperature lets protocols for environment stability to be triggered. In winter, summer, rain or shine, things change… just not for the possessions in storage.Temperature stability is maintained. The stress of expansion and contraction from constant daily changes is avoided. Also avoided are damaging glue and other adhesive joints or the more rapid oxidation of painted surfaces.

One of many cleaning stations in the Bekins Worldwide Storage Facilities.

The culture of storage care starts with basics. Sweeping up is our secrete start to having the cleanest storage facility. Everyone is proud of their part in delivering the cleanest storage and international move processing facility.

The right equipment for each job.

Mechanized controls of our 40,000 lb shipping docks and loading bay doors are examples of using the right tool for each task. Our job is to quickly and effectively process international storage. Using the right tool for each job is the best way to do that.

Forklift Safety Stations in Bekins Worldwide Storage facilities.

The forklifts are workhorses managing storage movement. When not used they are recharged and stored in specially designed safe locations that meet safety protocols.

Fire Suppression in Bekins Worldwide Storage Facilities

Staff training, the latest fire control equipment and a complete fire suppression system for the backbone of fire suppression protocols.

While your possessions await their next home, they can rest comfortably at Bekins.