Moving to London from Canada

Relocating to London

London is England’s largest community, with 32 boroughs and about 15 million making up the Greater London area. It’s a busy place. It shares all the issues of densely populated cities and the benefits too. The challenges and cost of transportation are significant in central London. Further outward, across the surrounding 9 zones, mitigates them.

The best months to move in, are February and March. Tourist traffic is at a minimum and moving services more readily available. Unfortunately, shipping possessions via container across the Atlantic in winter can be problematic for temperature sensitive items like lacquer finished furniture. Winter shipments require securely packing the container to deal with the shifting caused by the winter oceans. Leave electrical items behind as the standard voltage is 230 V at 50 Hz using a type G plug. Take items that match your new life style and space available. Simply put, take only those items that bring real joy to your life.

As one of the worlds oldest cities, gentrification is real. Old building designs, additions and repairs are often unique challenges for moving in. The specifics of your destination assure the right equipment and crew at your move in. That way you get the best value.

Rain is always a concern. Wind frequently overlooked. Is delivery access open or distant? (Interestingly did you know London receives less rain than New York ? ) Heavy tourism is fueled by the 6 airports serving London. London is the most visited city in the world. A busy place that gets hot and humid in the summer. Coordinating move management is key and experienced judgement the force that turns the lock.

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In the UK use 999 for emergencies.