How To Manage Costs When Moving Internationally

Moving abroad, across borders, through time zones, has costs that surface as uncertainties are exposed. Costs vary depending on the country, distances and possessions being shipped. Costs controlled before hand reduce surprises beyond expected language and cultural frustrations.

The Cost Centres Of All International Moves

Securing the Packing for International Relocations

• Packing and Custom Crating
Proper packing is key to cost control and the expectation of joy from those possessions arriving safely in their new foreign home. It is the best way to assure the contents survive as they transit moving between the local moving truck, containers, through customs inspection and all the handling. Packing and custom crating is a requirement for any meaningful shipment insurance and proper processing on arrival.

• Storage
Coordinating the move management requires storage considerations. The transfer points such as docks, airports and customs all present risk factors. Temperature changes, insects, disease, dirt are added to human handling and bureaucracies as risks. These are the time and money sink holes novices fall into with regularity. Ones that add thousands of dollars in unexpected costs. The decades of international experience, Bekins Worldwide has learned and earned from working towards avoiding these pitfalls.

International Transport Processing

• Transport
As any move ends up consolidated first into containers and then into trains, ships or planes there are predictable charges done by weight or volume. There are also indirect costs. For example, climate change impacting the transit through the Panama Canal, or rebels slowing the Red Sea transit cause all vessel insurance rates to jump and available fuel supplies to shift. Their results include extra surcharges for re-routing to unexpected ports. A very difficult area to predict for local movers or novices to international moving. Going over the risk versus cost options at the time of the move is part of each moves peace of mind.

• Delivery Completion Services
Arriving in a new land, to a home filled with your possessions can still leave questions and confirmations. Key to making arrival easy are the destination delivery team and processes in place to deal with the various issues for that destination. Each destination has values and processes that need to be respected in order to avoid any cascading repercussions. Here again, the learned and earned experience Bekins has, gives you a hand up towards a successful beginning in your new land.