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NEWS... UK Ports Face Pressures...

Nov 9th, 2021    On January 1st shipments coming into the UK, from the EU, must be processed at UK entry points (i.e. BDPs). Some are created at existing ports, while other new public points are being created by government. Investment, preparations and planning faces uncertainty. Richard Ballantyne, the CEO of the British Ports Association, is reported as saying...    more...
   “There’s a lot of frustration that government has not revealed charges for using public BCPs. Ports need to know so that they can charge accordingly. If ports overcharge they will be left at a competitive disadvantage to the government facilities, and this would likely lead to certain routes being abandoned by shippers.”
   This is compounded pressures on the ports by other international shipments where container availability, coordination of ship schedules and content delivery has built tremendous back logs outside of the UK undermining deliveries to the UK.

International Moving

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