Moving to Belfast from Canada

Relocating to Belfast

Visibly, the uniqueness of Belfast starts with the road signs in both English and Irish. On other levels, culture, humour, even daily food, unusual twists and combinations appear. The past century of unusual turmoil and outside pressures has created a unique situation and community. The immediate 350,000 or so local residents and about three quarters of a million in the Belfast market area now includes the impact of new immigration attracted by jobs, and the favorable set of living costs compared to Dublin or major cities in the UK.

The best time to move in starts after the spring winds die down in March until the rainy fall kicks in during October. The weather then accommodates shipment by sea in the late spring and early summer. Winter shipments, even via secure well managed and pack containers, are subject to more handling turmoil and resulting unpredictable delays. Further avoiding extreme temperatures problematic issues with separations on lacquer finished furniture.

Belfast has a wide range of architecture from roots going back hundreds of years. The beauty aside, historic building evolution present challenges when moving. Building access needs parking and space to deal with loading. The city has solved some of the issues with many one way streets. Those streets are no wider or easier to park on however.

As one of the oldest cities in the world designs encourage small spaces. What you take with you should be carefully considered, most specifically about it matching with the space available. Simply put, take only those items that bring real joy to your life.

Coordinating your move in together with the various registrations for local services make having your own cell phone number already established a real benefit. Luckily the rates are reasonable compared to Canada.

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