International Organization Moves, Relocations & Removals

Corporate International Moving

Successful corporate moves are quick, cost effective and considerate of the employees concerns. Employee productivity before, during and after the move, goes hand in hand with their families sharing the move success. Each corporate move is driven by its unique situation. It can be as simple as an employee with needed skills moving to a new office or as complicated as a complete merger and acquisition.

Bekins has the people and equipment to organize and facilitate commercial office moves by providing single source end to end corporate relocation services.

Your corporate relocation will be the beneficiary of years of experience, state of the art equipment and human caring.

Types of Organization Relocation’s

 • Employee Relocation includes moving the staff and their skill set to a new country. Three or more staff members and their families are usually a tipping point for extra economies of scale and associated cost reductions.

Global assignment relocations

• Split Destination Moves do reduce the cost implications of global mobility commuting, cross border commuting, as occurs frequently in the EU. They allow passing on possessions to family and others, at the lowest cost. Great value when; staff will be working from offices across borders in different countries, be needing to travel between consistent multiple locations such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London and Paris… when employees need to accommodate personal needs such as elder care, schooling desires for children, or cost of living and cultural preferences. Also perfect for situations were there will be storage till repatriation or later sharing of possessions with family members.

• Management Relocation’s are about moving a complete set of decision makers. Moving a team and their families can be a cost effective process as their goods are shipped together. At the same time moving can be a source of great stress as families get involved and the need for the groups cohesion is a high priority.

 • Office Relocation is for changing space requirements and changing market investments bring on the need to shift staff and grow production facilities.

• Mergers and Acquisition Consolidation Moves allow moving management and shifting head office processing, key assets, as well as storage. Even the most experienced staff will be hard pressed once the pressures of international mover concerns are added to this type of relocation.

Corporate Move Success Tools

Planning Organizational Moves

 • Beyond, international documentation preparation and processing, managing freight forwarding, packing to international performance levels and possessions security focus, each international corporate move uses an extra set of tools to address the unique specifics of large corporate moves.

 • The Corporate Policy Review of provided documentation assures the site survey creates an estimate in harmony with established corporation operation. Knowing corporate criteria assures the estimate coming out of the site survey will be a meaningful contribution to budgeting and expectations.

• The Review of Corporate Relocation Packages then allows staff needs and requirements to be addressed. What expenses are to be allocated to the move, when and how they will be processed and reimbursed removes uncertainty and reduces needless stress employees who are already being uprooted would face otherwise. The next step in building a meaningful budget.

Control the Cost of Corporate Moves to Overseas Locations

• The Communication Protocol for each international move includes; who to contacted, when, how issues are followed up or as unexpected events or opportunities present themselves.

 • Personalized Task Lists and Schedule Lists are provided once the international move is booked and schedule set.

Respect time zone differences with time of day tasks.

• Budget Updates keep all aware of move progress impacting the expected budget.

 • A Communications Log allows all involved a transparent view of the moves progress, in real time.

• Update Messaging notifies those defined in the Communications Protocol of tipping points and completions in the project move processing.

• The Authorization Seal requires that the point of contact approves item requests, and employee needs.

 • Double Barrelled Privacy Partnering keeps select move information and contract details private.

What’s Involved In Corporate Moves

 • Corporate Policies, Protocols and Employee Relocation Packages are the core pillars of any successful international move.

 • The move schedule for packing and unpacking present boundaries within which preparation, shipment and tasks have to be handled.

• Employee needs go beyond housing, so their team remains effective. Childcare and schooling, elder support, automotive transfer, information updates, need to be respected, with an eye to differing perspectives.

 • Packing materials appropriate for the method of transportation selected need to meet handling and safety expectations.

• The documentation of possessions for insurance and customs handling needs to be created and processed at both shipment and destination locations.

• Move management that includes; the origin agent who packed the possessions, consolidating agent that fills containers owned by the container company, the bonded warehouse, freight forwarders, the export port, the shipping companies, import port bonded warehouse and the destination agent who delivers and unpacks those possessions. The languages, local, regional and national government implications, tariff carrier rules, regulations and other services, add extra dimensions to the success of all corporate international relocation’s.

 • Weight certification and volume accuracy form the basis of many charges making up the total budget of every international corporate move.