Moving to Cardiff from Canada

Relocating to Cardiff

The capital of Wales is a wonderful urban landscape with all the charm one expects but at a fraction of the cost of living that its neighbour London faces. There is a full mix of amenities, cultural options, sporting events and employment opportunities, all in a historical canvas that lends perspective to life. Located in the south its almost half a million people enjoy less rain and more sunshine than most others in the UK.

The best months to move in is the period between May and October. The weather is very pleasant and it allows shipment by sea in the late spring as weather improves. Winter shipments, even via secure well managed and pack containers, are subject to more handling turmoil and resulting unpredictable delays. Further avoiding extreme temperatures problematic issues with separations on lacquer finished furniture.
Cardiff is home to a thriving post secondary education community. Its Universities have very favorable reputations earned from and beyond the let 1800’s. There is even a Cardiff student bar Walkabout where many thoughts have surely been shared.
Coordinating your move in together with the various registrations for local services makes having a cell phone number a real benefit. Luckily you will be pleasantly surprised at just how reasonable the cell rates and monthly plans are compared to Canada.

The two and a half hour train ride to London is a comfortable way to travel the just over 200 km trip. Just long enough to protect Cardiff from the cosmopolitan hubbub. Close enough to have access to all the worlds offering however.

The Welsh do speak English, however signs and place names may present challenges, at first. All part of the community identity and a wonderful ice breaker to get to know your neighbours. For those choosing to avoid metropolitan chaos in favor of a more peaceful life style engaging fellow community members is part of the joy.

Weather in Cardiff now …
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