Privacy, Conditions & Responsibilities

Who we are:

This website,, is a Bekins Worldwide website.


When site visitors leave input we collect it by using form(s) and video conferencing that includes the visitor’s IP address and browser. This helps with spam detection and supports their use of the web site.
The process of providing quotations and fulfilling client moving needs includes recording the items to be moved. The images and video provided allow the client control of information about the items to be included in the move. The video is used in the packing and processing to assure those items are included and processed as outlined in the clients video documentation. Further, the client can provide additional imaging to confirm work changes and the condition of items being moved for insurance purposes. This growing layer of information helps clients, staff and Bekins to be consistent in the handling of the clients possessions. This documentation remains part of that clients file and work history. None of the information collected is sold or shared with any other organization.


Any video or photos provided will have their geographic location collected and become the property of Bekins. They identifying both item and its the location for packing and quotation purposes. Visitors to this website should understand that the location information is required for quotations to be meaningful. Precise location information, in the case client software blocking or misrepresenting such information regarding actual locations is an obligation of the clients that may result in additional charges.

International Transport, Responsibilities & Regulations

Moving to any international destination includes significant responsibilities. Local movers and even some commercial moves face few similar complex or regulation implications by comparison. Legal and regulatory obligations take two forms. The ones traditionally known about and processed in the past are included as aspects of the quotation. The ones newly formed or that are being interpreted in differently at time of handling are not.
Based on the needs of the client, the countries involved and available transportation options, the accuracy of all documentation provided is key to and expected by Bekins for meeting the delivery expectations of the move. Regulations regarding the movement of household goods between nations, or even within regions of nations, mean the government and laws involved in that part of the transit may choose to modify them, modify how they are interpreted or delay processing the transit of household goods. Bekins Worldwide will advise the client of these as soon as they are known about and directly impact on the move timing and/or estimated costs.