Moving to the USA from Canada

Canadians and Americans share much in common. Moving to the USA is fairly straight forward both because of close proximity and reduced need of transfer between ship, rail and truck. Actual potential issues are more about regional uniqueness. Each state has a different environment and cultural focus, even when part of a melting pot. Be assured your destination will be its own political unit and have its own ethnic identity. Migrating and fitting into intensity of opinion and participation brings other challenges.

Consider that the local cost of many things can be less than in Canada and possibly less than the cost of moving them to the US. Consider selling items and buying new on arrival in the USA. Yes there will be things that bring you personal joy, memories and satisfaction. Those are things that Bekins will pack with an experienced eye. Things of value to you documented to the customs inspector and your attention to detail on arrival being unpacked.

Tips on moving to the USA …

• Canadians can import their possessions duty free if owned for one year prior to moving and without penalty if properly declared. There are however exceptions to this rule both federally as well as with some state regulations.
• Moving to the USA generally includes having prearranged the I-94 documentation and having a Working Visa in place.
• Having your Canadian passport, medical and prescription documentation, marriage license and any invoices showing purchase dates and amounts can help you through the migration process.
• Managing customs handling and examination keeps their potential handling and storage charges to a minimum.
• The focus of education in the US is more of a local matter but in general there is a greater focus on test scores, group work and competition. Canadian education aims more at critical thinking and individual activities.

Bekins has been processing cross border moves with the USA since 1903. You will be benefiting from years of experience, timely information and precise help, as your possessions arrive at their new home.