Moving to Mexico from Canada

Many Canadians (i.e. there are about three quarter of a million USADIANS) are among the 125 million Mexicans. The lower cost of living and reasonable healthcare, in this Spanish Catholic nation, are much admired by retirees. Its climate offers from tropical to desert. A temperate zone along Guadalajara through Mexico City to Mérida has the highest density of USADIAN. Mexico is comfortable enough, year round, to make tourism a major economic contributor.

A six month stay allows prospective retirees to enjoy the winter season and to decide on where to retire. To decide on the life style, community and services they want. Applying for your visa then has implications for your possessions that Mexican regulations dictate.  Bekins lets you coordinate household goods storage and shipment. Temporary storage or direct from your existing home options you pick from.

Approval of a Temporary Resident Card establishes your right; to public health care, to buy a car, to deal with Mexican banks, for up to four years. This needs to be applied for in Canada. Approval of a Permanent Resident Card continues your rights for the rest of your life. Further, you can then import used possessions without incurring extra Mexican charges.

Many problems and unexpected costs disappear when items with little sentiment value are left behind. Take only those items that bring you predictable joy or are unobtainable in Mexico. Downsizing and buying new has value. Bekins special international moves packing protects your items. It is a their long trip. Their orderly handling through customs is a sensitive point. Packing by ‘local’ movers, for quick delivery the next day, ignores the tranfers and handling that will happen. The ports at Manzanillo, Mexico and St Petersburg, Russia compete worldwide, for the most items NOT to make it through their ports. Poor documentation helps lets keep items from any shipment. Document everything… if there is a serial number or AC plug, list it separately.

Mexico City MEX
Moving to Mexico City Mexico

Merida YUC
Moving to Merida Mexico from Canada

Guadalajara JAL

Lake Chapala JAL

To make a call to Mexico

• Dial 011 ( for outside North America)
• Dial 52 ( code for the Mexico )
• Dial the city area code:
Mexico City – 55, Merida – 999
Guadalajara – 33, Lake Chapela – 376
• Dial local phone number

In Mexico use 911 for emergencies


• Arrange a Mexican phone number as soon as possible. Besides making communications easier you will get access to apps that benefit locals.
• Mexicans are friendly. NOne the less, they speak mostly Spanish. Their culture has priorities you won’t be accustomed to. Hire locals to help you, especially with translation to avoid processing time delays. For example, you will notice how things tend to come up, from traffic issues to family matters. Go with it by having optional or alternate plans. Join the closest Canadian expat group for local guidance and learn some Spanish.
• Accurate recording of your used possessions is critical to the successful Mexican move.  Unlisted, new or unused items, as well as prohibited items, put timing and costs at risk.  Mexico is known for arbitrary and higher gringo prices.  Costly extra customs storage and penalty charges often stem from small item issues. Situations movers have shared with one another are:

– A bottle of Tylenol a customs inspector found triggered a more thorough examination.  Time used to unpack and repack was charged back to the owner.  The container continued to build up daily storage and demurrage charges.  A couple of thousand dollars a day quickly grew to $20,000 extra costs.
  – An artist moving to the scenic Lake Chapala included their art supplies.  Tubes of paint that had been partially used were not separated from paint in unused tubes. Customs then proceeded with a more thorough further examination.  An additional $5000 in processing, storage and handling charges resulted.