Moving to Glasgow from Canada

Relocating to Glasgow

“Glaswegians” are well known for their engaging welcome. Glasgow is a working class ethic forged from industrial growth that has adapted to change. Over half a million people form this other end of the most populated Scottish area, about 50 miles for Edinburgh.

The best months to move in, are February, March April and May. The average temperature then is reasonable, as is the average participation and sunshine. Unfortunately, to arrive at that time, shipping possessions via container across the Atlantic in winter can be problematic. Especially for lacquer finished furniture, and securely packing the container more important to deal with the shifting caused by the winter weather and oceans.

Glasgow grew, fueled by industrial demand over a century, until the late 1960’s. Highlanders, Irish, Polish and Indian labour came, managing to adapt Scottish perspectives and accents. The city has rebuilt itself since then, along with roads and transportation, all the while maintaining a cost of living significantly lower than its partner, Edinburgh. Both retain historic architecture (i.e. Glasgow Victorian while Edinburgh medieval and Georgian), unique landmarks, museums and traditions, yet each feels distinct. Glasgow universities are known for business, engineering and sciences while Edinburgh for social, medical and humanities. Glasgow working class comfort and Edinburgh with a government and tourism (i.e. the 2nd most visited city behind London) feel.

The Scots do speak English, along with a language and vernacular all their own. Folks in Glasgow have a thicker Scottish accent than other areas, along with phrases that are best understood by just asking. The thing here is you can expect straight up and friendly explanations. Words like ‘cludgie’, “taps off”, “gaun yersel” and “pure baltic” come to mind. Glasgow conversations are unique, verbose, engaging and a glorious part of Scotland.

Coordinating your move in, together with the various registrations for local services, make having a cell phone already established a real benefit. Luckily you will be pleasantly surprised at just how reasonable the rates and monthly plans are compared to Canada. Regardless, accommodations do tend to be smaller with total space and access challenging. Move items that best match your new available space. Simply put, take only those items that bring real joy to your life.

In Glasgow use 999
for emergencies