Motorcycles Shipped with Your Possessions

Motorcycle Shipment with Moving Possessions during International Moving

Whether terminal to terminal or door to door:

 • The condition of the motorcycle before shipment is significant, especially when older. Vulnerable finish is key to the motorcycles value.

Containerized Crated Motorcycle Shipment

• The shipping of motorcycles is complicated by the heavy weight, balanced on narrow tires. It is unlike upright piano’s or gun safes, perched on stable footing. All with a high center of gravity. Motorcycles don’t have flat sides to distribute their weight. All serious complications when shipping by ocean vessel that can see 10 to 20 degree tilts in cargo. There are not many motorcycle shipping companies simply because it is costly to properly crate them for shipping internationally compared to potentially low cost to sell and buy new at the destination.

• Motorcycles moved locally or even long distance can be blocked to fix in location. Strapping motorcycle to the floor or wall with stretch resistant harnesses firmly holds them. When shipping internationally two added factors come into consideration. The extended time, motion and vibration produces more damage as a result of rubbing and shifting. International shipping costs are based on weight, the use of cubic space and the time needed to safely move items between shipment methods, customs and delivery. Crating the motorcycle helps shipping and handling. Crating the motorcycle in a metal frame assures a more solid, resistant to ongoing shifts and also is reusable, particularly if repatriation back to Canada is a consideration.