Moving to Scotland from Canada

The friendly Scottish society, proud traditions, straight forward ways and great sense of humour, offer wonderful traits to live with.

Canadians understand harsh winters. Scots too embrace the reality of being hardy, as well as the beauty of nature, especially when the sun comes out or their Northern Lights shine. Scots also live next door to a dominant neighbour they differentiate themselves from… the English.

Moving to Scotland, for a 6 month season or with a longer term visa, offers world class, densely populated, expensive cities, like Edinburgh or rural less populated, more cost effective country living.

Of the 5.5 million population, 70% live in the central area around Edinburgh and Glasgow. Roads connecting the central area to the rest of Scotland tend to be narrow with unexpected pot holes. Roads bring focus to why Bekins packing for international moves is important. Packing by ‘local’ movers is not considerate of the extra jostling. Nor do they visualize transfers from truck to rail to ship and customs or storage. A lot to absorb on the way to a new international destination.

• WARM clothing, sweaters, blankets and all things warm are important to bring along. The harsh climate and the midges (tiny insects that bite so bring repellent too) are environmental realities.
• Driving a 4 x 4 or taking the train help deal with the narrow roads and unexpected pot holes.
• Internet availability tends to be lacking and slower than Canadians expect.
• Scottish homes are generally smaller than Canadians are used to. Select what you bring to make your new home comfortable with that in mind.
• For Scots, politically correct takes second place to forth right direct to the point. What people say, think and do tends to have harmony. Multicultural and racial division are not as much of a concern as elsewhere – often thought, because they are busy with anti English and religious ones instead.

Bekins has extensive UK interaction. You benefit from timely information and precise help when your possessions arrive as expected.

To make a call to Scotland

• Dial 011 ( for outside North America)
• Dial 44 ( code for the Scotland )
• Dial the city area code:
Aberdeen – 1224, Dundee – 1382
Edinburgh – 131, Glasgow – 141
Inverness – 1463, Paisley – 141
Perth – 1738, Stirling – 1786
• Dial local phone number

In Scotland use 999 for emergencies

Everyone at Bekins works for this kind of move completion !

☆☆☆☆☆– For the move from Canada to

Just wanted to say a very big Thank You, to you all and your team for moving my items back to UK. Everything went as planned, and all my possessions arrived in good condition. Everything arrived on time and not one breakage. (Thanks to the fantastic team you sent to our house). Could not of asked for a more professional, helpful and friendly company.
Kate was great in the UK also.
Thank you so much!!!
Kellie Walker,    December 12th, 2020