Moving to Mexico City from Canada

Relocating to Mexico City

Mexico City is Mexico’s largest center. Its 16 boroughs or ‘demarcaciones territoriales’ include about 22 million, spread over the second largest urban setting in the world. It has more Americans (outside of the USA )living there, than in any other city in the world. The part of this urban market that is Mexico City proper is just over 9 million strong and started in 1325 out of the ruins of its indigenous name Tenochtitla. Truly a metropolitan city with rich heritage, and a wide array of options.

Ancient Pyramid Tourist Attraction – Mexico City

Realities of Moving to Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the oldest cities in North or South America. Its generations of old building designs, odd structural additions and repairs, can add challenges to moving. Even when you choose to move there when the weather is more favorable (i.e. mid November to mid April ) the realities of building access and chronic traffic problems remain.

Mexico City supports services that accept, no-fault divorce, same sex marriage, abortion on demand and a restricted form of euthanasia.

Mexico City residents are called defeños (i.e. from the postal abbreviation of its Federal District). The city is referred to as “Capitalino”, “CDMX” (i.e. Ciudad de México) and “DF” (i.e. Distrito Federal de México). The phrase Chilango, can be used pejoratively by people living OUTSIDE of Mexico City reflecting “a loud, arrogant, ill-mannered, loutish person” however folks living IN Mexico City proudly refer to themselves as “chilango”, while insultingly refer to those who live outside the city as “provincia”.

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