Moving to Ireland from Canada

Ireland is a country closely connected and proud of their harmonious uniqueness, as well as the differences from UK and EU cultures. Canadian wide spaces tend to support multi cultural differences easily. This significant shift in perspective comes with moving to Ireland. It is also an easy one to accept as the rich history, beautiful countryside, established culture make for a obvious general enjoyment of life and great new friends.

Ireland enjoys the benefits of low corporate tax rates (i.e. 12.5% in 2022, the lowest in the developed world) and a growing Intellectual Property base. These drive a full employment putting pressure on housing availability. Also contributes to their earned reputation for traffic being difficult. Even with the most careful Move Management, weather, accessibility and traffic, impact the move in costs unexpectedly. Summer moves do reduce risks and tend to result in more predictable move ins.

Picking what to take can contribute to the best moving value. Items like the warm clothing that layers have been good choices, given the cost in Ireland versus Canada. Electrical appliances that are 110 volt will need convertors with enough wattage to work in the 220 volt Irish setting so buying new in Ireland an option. Remember also that rooms tend to be on the small side and consider furniture fitting. In summary it is best to take only those items that bring real joy to your Irish life.

Irish Counties 693 by 912

Relocating to DublinMoving to Dublin from Canada

Packing your possessions with an eye beyond just their movement between truck, train and sea will help with avoiding unexpected storage charges during Customs inspection. Unpacking and repacking can be needlessly time consuming, adding often unexpected charges for storage and handling. Allowing for efficient removal and repack reduces that risk.

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Special Moving to Ireland Services

Do It Yourself International Moving: You pack your possessions and bring them to the Bekins Storage facilities. We’ll arrange for them to be placed in the next consolidated shipment to Ireland.

Store N Go: Sometimes a holiday experience can be different from actually moving there to retire. With luck your new neighbours are everything you could desire. None the less, folks do end up returning when their expectations are not able to be achieved. The Store N Go service allows possessions to be packed and ready for internationals shipment but stored until confirmation to ship is received. It lets enough time for government registration and getting to know your new neighbours. If things are not as expected the shipment costs and all the importation work is saved.

To make a call to Ireland

• Dial 011 ( for outside North America)
• Dial 353 ( code for Ireland )
• Dial the city area code
( i.e. 1 for Dublin or 91 for Galway )
• Dial local phone number

In Ireland use 112 or 999
for emergency calls