Containers are Best for International Moves & Relocations

Groupage for International Relocation

For international, overseas moving containers offer real value. National moves, where possessions loaded and unloaded on the same truck. Reloading overseas moves is part of customs inspection or passing between truck, train, sea or plane. Using containers assures safer handling at a reduced cost. Added handling increases unknowns, mistakes and timing delays. Containers help reduce those risks.

The dynamics of international shipment management revolve around the benefits containers allow. Grouping shipments in the same container magnify any containers effective value.

Moving Internationally With Reduced Risk and Cost

There are ways to reduce the impact of unexpected events, changes and costs. Containerizing and grouping shipments is one of the most practical. Depending on the size and type of container needed for the trip to your destination there are things to consider. Using long haul shipping boxes packed properly are a good start. The size of container to pick is straight forward given the size and weight of the items being sent. The duration for the shipment combined with temperatures and humidity the container will be exposed to are a little more complicated.

Carefully arrange the packing in their initial boxed containers. Then how those are put in its LCL container.
What you ship needs to arrive in its expected condition. It is easy to omit items from a shipment. Poorly packed items items on the other hand are more a function of inexperience. Bekins protocols work in conjunction with well trained staff to avoid both. Years of packing international container shipments have refined the methods Bekins use. Methods that lead to arrival in the expected condition.

Not all shipping containers are the same. Depending on construction they are; able to handle more or less content weight, can cause moisture build up leading to mold or rust, or emphasize temperature extremes. The difference between them using 17 and 21 ply marine grade plywood, insulation types used or even existing and ventilation are not obvious but they do impact container contents and the costs involved.

20 Foot20 High Cube40 Foot40 High Cube
Internal Vol.
~ 1,170 cu ft
~ 1290 cu ft~ 2380 cu ft~ 2660 cu ft
~ 21,000 – 28,000Kg
~ 21,000 – 25,500 Kg~ 25,000 – 29,000 Kg~ 25,000 – 29,500 KG
~ 18′ 9″ (L) x 7′ 9″ (W) x 8′ (H)
~ 18′ 9″ (L) x 7′ 9″ (W) x 9′ (H)~ 39′ 5 (L) x 7′ 9″ (W) x 8″ (H)~ 39′ 5″ (L) x 7′ 9″ (W) x 9′ (H)
Typical Use
1 – 2 Bedroom House
1 – 2 Bedroom House
Up to 4 Bedroom HouseUp to 4 Bedroom House
Furniture Vault Packing

• The Devil Is In The Moving Details
The moving quotation and moving inventory identified volume, weight and packing considerations. Items best left behind, form your own list for disposal or gifting. Items requiring special attention, become Bekins own special check list. Bekins Furniture Vaults are special containers used within the shipping container. Optional plastic wrapping protects against smell, dirt and bugs in mass transportation. These are very effective tools for securing special attention possessions and packing considerations.

• International Move Insurance
Insuring possessions is possible when packing is by experienced professionals. There are risks that insurance will not cover. Issues under the control of the shipping company, such as those part of Maritime law, is an example. Proper packing, direct pick up and delivery are the usual domain of moving insurance.

International Transport Processing

• Watch for Extra Charges
Items not included in the original quote are the source of unexpected extras. Extra packing or crating means extra unexpected volume and weight, beyond space in the move container. All moves use certified weight scales for precise recording. Unexpected volume, tests available space, causes extra storage and quarantine delays. They are potential sources of extra not yet foretast costs. More reasons Bekins will pay extra attention to the best preparation possible.

Each international, overseas or cross border move is a unique group of people and companies delivering that move. Usually without even knowing about each other. It is a careful balance of costs versus proven performance. Experienced companies often see those who trust do it yourself thriftiness, in select low cost options. Knowing the process is the best first step in avoiding wasted time and money later.