Moving to Zurich from Canada

Relocating to Zürich

Moving to Zurich means enjoying a wonderful climate, much like the rest of Switzerland. Summers are warm, winters cold and snowy, spring beautiful and autumns have amazing colours. Zürich is rarely windy, enjoying the protection of near by mountains.

The spring through autumn of each year is a great time to move. Early spring reduces costs, with the risk that shipping in the winter exposes your temperature sensitive items like lacquer furniture finishes to temperature damage. It is a however a comfortable time span to do move ins.

Zürich is a beautiful place to live. It is an expensive city, even when compared to cities like New York or London. Just over 400,000 people live in Zürich. They are part of the 1.4 million making up its metropolitan community and the 1.5 million in its Canton of Zürich.

Zürich’s culture is unique. The high cost of living, great outdoor activities, and over two thirds of its population renting a home, are at the heart of the differences. Widely accepted local societal rules make life easier. For example, costs are predictable and the same price for everyone. Stores close on Sundays as city folks leave town to enjoy outdoor options. Balancing work and quality of life is top of mind.

English is widely spoken, in this tourism driven country. Public interactions however are primarily in the local language NOT English. The local language is the cantons official language… German, French, Italian or Roman. There are significant local versions and differences. Swiss German is common. It is not the high German often expected. In Switzerland there are also over 3000 unique words, with unexpected definitions.

Vehicles used for 6 months or more can arrive duty free. The paper work required for importation however is challenging.