Moving to Berlin from Canada

Relocating to Berlin

Berlin is one of the worlds most multicutural cities. Almost 30 percent of the almost 4 million in Berlin are foreign born. Openminded muticultrualism, authentic foods, ethnic groups and lanuages everywhere. Yes beauacracy abounds. So does an accepted turmoil that presents the mix of cultures in a messy real way. Differences are an accepted part of life. English is possible but typically German preferred.

Rain is well known to Berliners. While not as cold as Canada can get, winters are cold. Spring and autumn are comfortable and summer does not get the high heat found further south. Moving in any time works, but avoiding winter means avoiding the weather risks and costs. Shipping possessions via container across the Atlantic in winter can be problematic for lacquer finished furniture. Packing the container to deal with the shifting caused by the winter oceans. Delays when weather interrupts the unpacking and repacking at customs inspections. All of which present delays and unexpceted ports costs.

As one of the lowest cost western cities to live in one has to expect the things that support that. Accomdations are typically well cared for and updated with the latest eco friendly features. Unfortunately, access and loading consideration are frequently problematic. This consideration is usually exposed when you arrange the residence permit required for anyone staying for more than 90 days, needed for the accomodations your possessions are to arrive at.

Coordinating your move in, together with the various registrations for local services, make having a cell phone number already established a real benefit. Luckily you will be pleasantly surprised at just how reasonable the rates and monthly plans are compared to Canada. Further it will help with documentation translations for various registrations arrival requires. Things to keep in mind are:
– Berlin has great public transportation options so living without a vehicle is common.
– The crime rate is among the lowest for European cities. Tolerance and order are hand in hand.
– Everyone is required to purchase their own healthcare insurance, even if they have it elsewhere.
– Residents make every effort to build and repair the city in sustainable ways.
– Cost or accomodation and basic living expenses are reasonable, even with a 20% sales tax.
– Berlin is proud of its Free University education.