Moving to Wales from Canada

Wales is a beautiful and satisfying place to live. Its communities, natural and contenting beauty plus genuinely better overall lower cost of living are key to enjoying this part of the UK. The variety of living spaces and options make Wales a highly desired area to retire too.

This is a place where a thorough connection to where you live is realistic. Mild weather joins folks truly interested in their heighbours. More genuine and likely less polite. There will many memorable walks through the countryside, city lanes and engaging shops.

Packing your possessions with an eye beyond just their movement between truck, train and sea is key to retaining the joy they bring you. Customs inspection, where unpacking and repacking are time consuming, can add significant and often unexpected charges for storage and handling. Allowing for efficient removal and repack reduces that risk. Taking only items that fit in you new, likely smaller living space, is a basic consideration. Compare buying replacement items there.

Bekins has extensive UK interaction. You benefit from timely information and precise help when your possessions arrive as expected.

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Everyone at Bekins works for this kind of move completion !

☆☆☆☆☆– For the move from Canada to the UK.

Just wanted to say a very big Thank You, to you all and your team for moving my items back to UK. Everything went as planned, and all my possessions arrived in good condition. Everything arrived on time and not one breakage. (Thanks to the fantastic team you sent to our house). Could not of asked for a more professional, helpful and friendly company.
Kate was great in the UK also.
Thank you so much!!!
Kellie Walker,    December 12th, 2020

To make a call to Wales

• Dial 011 ( for outside North America)
• Dial 44 ( code for the UK )
• Dial the city area code
( click here for full list )
• Dial local phone number

In Wales use 999 for emergencies