Moving Special, Fragile, Heavy Items or Pets Internationally

Piano Shipment
Moving Safes Overseas

    Moving safes, large and heavy, can be dangerous. Remember the whole point of a safe is that it be extremely difficult to move by unauthorized persons. Experience moving sales also helps when it comes to dealing with the removed safe contents.

Moving Pool Tables Internationally

    Knowing about moving a pool table that is heavy, large and fragile is a skill. Pool tables have one or several slabs of heavy quarried slate under a easily damaged tightly-woven worsted wool covering. Custom crating the disassembled table is virtually the only way to move it through doorways. A challenge Bekins will help you with.

Collections, Antiques Moved Internationally

Book Collection
Antique Dolls

International Vehicle Shipment

Family Car International Move Shipment

Family Cars

Motorcycle Shipment Overseas


Special Purpose Vehicles Shipped Overseas
Ship Restorations Internationally
New Car being Shipped to another country
Ship Antique Cars Internationally

Moving Pets and Live Possessions

Federal regulations restrict the transport of perishable possessions by regulated moving vans. This includes Bekins. Moving live possessions requires feeding, cleaning and monitoring. Bekins will link you up with those who provide those skills. Bekins will also include move management with how they process your pets move.

Plants and animals need permits, certifications, and to follow quarantine rules. The plant or animal, country it comes from and city it is going to impact the process. In Canada that means the Canadian Food Inspection Agency at its local CFIA office.

Moving with pets to another country

PETS joining you on
on your move to another country

Moving cross border means being able to pass inspection at the destination and be unrestricted for export. It also means unsettling your pet by the change of homes.

Preparing your pet includes these things.
  • Introduce pets to the carrier you us, as far ahead of time as possible. Feed them in the carrier without interrupting them till they stop eating. Make it a safe place for them.
  • Take pets on a road trip. Leave them in the carrier and cover the door with a blanket that has you scent on it. Later extend the trips to a longer duration. Once home let the pet out, show affection, all is good with the world.
  • If the trips expose pet anxiety, visit your vet. Ask the vet about calming the pet during their move.
  •  Prepare for being at the new home and packing in your current home by leaving open boxes laying around. Change the pets room layout a little each day to help them adjust to ongoing changes.
  • When moving day comes arrange for the pet to be elsewhere to avoid extra excitement.
  • On arrival be patient, show a little extra attention and consider a microchip implant for pet safety and your own peace of mind.

Moving Plants Overseas


Plants, fruits, flowers & seeds.

Moving Horses Overseas


Horses and cattle.

Moving FISH Overseas


Salt & fresh water fish.

Birds & Other Pets Moving Overseas


Other pets.