Moving To Chile from Canada

Relocating to Chile

   Learn some "local" Spanish. Chile has a calm lifestyle and beautiful environment that is cost affordable. Why make life needlessly difficult by not being able to communicate or understand.

   • Visit one of the many offices Chile has in Canada or apply on line for a "Chile Retirement and Periodic Visa". A Chilean Permanent Residence Permit is key to your move to Chile.

   • Consider planing your move arrival in Chile between October and May, especially if your moving to Santiago. Remember the seasons are reversed from North America.

   • You will be able to open a bank account as soon as you obtain your Chilean ID card (i.e. RUT).

   • The Chilean Peso tends to have a wide exchange rate. Controlling costs will be a function of attention to acquiring Peso's at expected rates.

   • Chile is a modern organized performer. The laid back patient culture is part of that, so accept it as a pillar of that success.

   • The Pinochet dictatorship that ended around 1990 is a touchy subject. While it may seem to be a conversation starter there is little to be gained and much lost in pursuing this topic. With over two thirds of the population identifying as Catholic religious holidays will be a much better place to build from.

   • Unless you will be working at an embassy or have a Spanish or Korean drivers license you will need to secure a Chilean drivers license.

   • Arrange for your health care from one of the ISAPRE health insurance options as soon as possible. Before leaving home confirm vaccinations for hepatitis or other common South American diseases, as you will be going to a new and different germ pool.

   • If you are bringing a pet you will need an official veterinarians health certification as well as a Spanish translated copy. On arrival a local examination confirming the pets clean bill of health is needed.

   • Shipping your new vehicle to Chile by container is the safest way to bring it along. It will need to have a current certified emissions test, as well as a completed temporary import form, original invoice, vehicle registration, your drives license and passport. Importing used motorcycles and vehicles is strictly prohibited.

   • Santiago, Chile's capital and home to almost 7 million, is among the most pollution impacted cities in South America. Its valley location, road traffic and the May thru August months play their part. Traffic restrictions are one of the many ways used to deal with this. Vehicles from before 2002 are strongly banned, except on holidays and vehicles from before Sept 1, 2011 are limited based on certain days in the month.

   • Importing alcohol and sporting arms is restricted. Items that you can not import into Chile include: Drugs, Meat, Used Motorcycles and Cars.

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Education in Chile
 Chilean Education & School Options
 Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago
 Universidad de Chile, Santiago
 University of Concepcion, Concepcion
  Federico Santa María Technical University, Valparaíso

IN Chile NOW
• Current Weather in Chile
• Inflation was at 4.9% in February 2023
• Current Exchange Rate for Chilean Peso

• To call Chile from Canada, dial 011 then 56 plus either:
   - the Area Code then the Land Line Phone Number

Columbia Area Codes

Antofagasta is 55
Arica is 58
Chillán is 42
Concepción is 41
Copiapó is 52
Coyhaique is 67
Curicó is 75
Iquique is 57
La Serena is 51
Linares is 73
Los Andes is 34
Los Angeles is 43
Osorno is 64

Ovalle is 53
Puerto Montt is 65
Punta Arenas is 61
Puyuhuapi is 68
Quillota is 33
Rancagua is 72
San Antonio is 35
Santiago is 2
Talca is 71
Temuco is 45
Valdivia is 63
Valparaiso is 32

Chile Emergency Numbers
131 for Emergencies
132 for Fire
133 for Police
134 for PDI
135 for Police-Drugs

About Chile

   The 18 million in Chile offer stability in the sea of turmoil other countries in South American face.
   The 4000 km long and narrow geography delivers a wide range of climates. Snow covered southern Alpine like peaks, lakes, fjords, even the Atacama, the worlds driest desert, offer a climate for everyone.
   Chile does have petty crime issues. It is however recognized for its law enforcement, strick gun laws and low crime rates. The friendly population also adds greater comfort while being out and about.
   This Spanish speaking country, like its neighbours, fights inequality and corruption. Its stronger economy helps its fight for rights. A struggle from as far back as the Indigenous Araucanian heritage has records. In 2022-23 inflation peaked at around 12%. Constitutional reform based on a national plebiscite has taken place. Land and rights claims by the Mapuche, Chile's largest indigenous group, are under way.
   Chile's strong education services, world class wines and amazing natural beauty dominate. Their slower pace and cultural values does provide harmony. The slow progress of your visa application may be a little unnerving.

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