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     Moving between countries is about more than distance. Each move is unique. Each has its own weight, packing, proper loading for the chosen method of transit and destination country processing. Each has its own insurance and goods management needs via all the countries and freight handlers. Each has its processing for the expected reliability and goods security. Each has different speed and cost implications.
     Regardless, Bekins will be dedicating 100's of world wide professionals, and 1000's of worldwide pieces of equipment, to the move.

     Corporate international moves all have twists and turns about that companies productivity. Trade shows depend on timing. The experience Bekins has acquired and earned, provides the judgement for clients priorities and needs.

     As specialists in end to end single source international moving Bekins takes pride in helping with each client and situation.

Bekins award winning customer service.     Since 1891, Bekins has focused on providing staff that are background checked, experienced and trained. Hiring the best, most experienced, moving and storage staff, and providing extensive training, builds the specialized abilities international moving requires

     Experience plus ongoing training have made Bekins the best choice for international moving.

     Enjoy a safer, more successful, award winning experience.

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