Moving To Australia

Moving To Australia from Canada

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- For the move to Australia by a client who had moved internationally many times, using others, and was extremely nervous about the move.

"I would like to thank you , personally, and all your fine team, for so ably assisting me with this process.

Everything went as planned, and all my possessions arrived in good condition.
I have never experienced such a smooth move, nor have I ever received all my goods on prior moves. For this, I will be eternally grateful.
I can heartily recommend your business.

With many thanks
Gillian Thomas"   —  May 2019

Relocating to Australia

   Australia, a natural wonderland, island nation, that is distant from other Canada, when compared to other nations. Canadians share the common British heritage. Canadians, as part of the large American market, enjoy greater cost of living benefits. None the less, similar values about democracy, climate, health care, education, etc. make Australia a comfortable place to move to.
    Australia is able to protect itself-contained ecosystem and laid back quality life style, by paying attention to details. Those protections present challenges, beyond shipping, like, extra storage, paperwork, restrictions and processing. Years of Australian moves allow Bekins skills with timely delivery and cost effective success.

Tips - Moving To Australia

 • The detailed inventory of goods made at time of packing and precise handling through the customs and immigration process goes a long way towards your goods arriving on time and as expected.
 • The Australian Dangerous Goods Code is imposed through the goods transport laws of each Australian state and territory. Tea, coffee, milk based drinks, pet foods, products of wicker and cane like furniture and baskets, dried flower arrangements & pot pourri, are just some restrictions.

2019, September 5th, URGENT NOTICE
   Importing Household Goods into Australia

   • see Australian Guidelines - note sections on tools (i.e. 1.12) and outdoor items

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• Cost Of Living in Australia: Sydney has been named as on of the most expensive cities to live in over recent years.

• Importing your Antique or Luxury Vehicle: Taxes, vehicle performance standards and licensing are all considerations. The need to baby your prized vehicle and to deal with the issues such as storage and quarantine of importing it into Australia, can make Bekins handling the shipping care more convenient and cost effective. Let us know about your vehicle and destination. We'll get back to you with help.
A pre crating inspection of an all-terrain vehicle. © 2018 ion web works

• Australia Visa and Immigration:You need a visa to live and work in Australia and must leave within 6 months if you come as a visitor. The visa required depends on what you want to do when you’re in Australia – visiting, working , getting married or studying. Apply for free here.

• Taxation: Though similar Australia tax environment is different. Changing your residence for tax purposes means handling the Canadian government charge of departure tax. Further selling your home versus renting it out could have implications to you ongoing taxes you might want to consider. Apply for an Australian TFN.

• Australian Health Care: Health care in Australia is for all, whether a Australian citizen or an immigrant resident. Government subsidized health care programs and private health insurance can help in many ways such as emergencies needing immediate clearance and being able to save you expensive ambulance fees.

• Australian Education: Public schools and some private schools are reasonably priced with varying sets of activities for their students. Private and international schools tend towards being expensive.

• Canadians in Australia: Meet and coordinate with other Canadians in Australia.

Two Sides To Every Move...

Important due to difficulty in doing them from your new international location.

Plan, prioritize and complete tasks that can be done ahead of time.

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