Moving To the UK from Canada

Moving To the UK from Canada

Relocating to the UK

   Canadians handle icy cold as a normal part of the year. English dampness is another thing - unless there is good heating and insulation it gets through everything. Dressing in layers is the norm. A hot cup a tea and comfort foods are shared joys that heat the taste buds and warm the heart as friendships grow.
   The UK offers considerable variety, around every corner. Centuries of history are featured in many museums. London is one of the largest cosmopolitan cities. There's the peaceful country sides, natural beauty, amazing restaurants and much more. It is an English gateway to Europe based on over two dozen international airports. Easy access to world wide travelling exits. Something for everyone.
   BREXIT and COVID make every move to the UK interesting. Timing, fluctuating exchange rates and documentation changes need attention. Bekins extensive UK interaction provides the timely information and precise help for your goods to be able to arrive when expected, in these times of turmoil.

- For the move from Canada to the UK.

"Just wanted to say a very big Thank You, to you all and your team for moving my items back to UK.
Everything went as planned, and all my possessions arrived in good condition.
Everything arrived on time and not one breakage. (Thanks to the fantastic team you sent to our house).
Could not of asked for a more professional, helpful and friendly company.
Kate was great in the UK also.
Thank you so much!!!"
Kellie Walker,    December 12th, 2020

Tips - Moving To the UK

 • Canadians with heritage reaching back to the UK, or who have been Commonwealth Citizens since 1982 may be able to arrange visas, if they start at least three months before moving.
 • The frequent and rapid weather changes make talking about them an on going topic. A great ice breaker when you meet new people.
 • While English is our common language there are language characteristics unique to areas of the UK. Taking note of regional traits helps you get along in the UK. For example, public transportation demands queueing etiquette where not making eye contact on the London Underground is respected.
 • Unlike Canada, UK prices include sales tax.
 • The emergency number used in the UK is 999 instead of the 911 Canadians are used to.
WARNING...To be able to import your possessions into the UK duty free, a transfer of residence form must be done before you start to move any personal property to the UK.

Links for Moving To the UK

• Cost Of Living in the UK: The cost of living in the UK varies between England, Wales, Scotland, North Ireland, the northern part of England and the less populated areas of the UK.

• Residence Permit: A UK residence card confirms your identity, status and right to public service or benefits.

• Importing your Antique or Luxury Vehicle: Within 14 days of arrival, a vehicle remaining more than 6 months must be registered. The process requires tax be paid first (although there may be relief), meets environmental and safety regulations, acquiring a insurance policy in the UK, arranging MOT (certify its a roadworthy car) for cars over 3 years old, and to be driven by one with a valid driving licence. Practically speaking this also means a local phone number, local address and local bank account existing already makes these easier to arrange.

Pre crating evaluation of a partially restored 1913 Chalmers returning from Vancouver Island to England. © 2015 ion web works

• United Kingdom Visa and Immigration:You need a visa to live and work in the UK and must leave within 6 months if you come as a visitor. The visa required depends on what you want to do when you’re in the UK – visiting, working, getting married or studying.

• Taxation: THE UK has similar taxes, as other democratic countries. Its income tax information can be found here.

• Health Care: The UK National Health Service (i.e. NHS), provides free health care for all UK citizens and permanent residents. While under immigration control, payment of £200 may be the annual charge.

• Education:Each country in the UK differs slightly. Between the ages of 4 and 18 educational options are offered. Primary school and secondary school is available through state (i.e. government paid) or private (i.e. you pay) schools. Further information about universities here.

Two Sides To Every Move...

Important due to difficulty in doing them from your new international location.

Plan, prioritize and complete tasks that can be done ahead of time.

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