How To Organize A Move Internationally

How To Organize A Move Internationally

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     Planning an international move has extra complexities, beyond ones local and national moves demand. Building a Task List that feeds into a Schedule List has proven to be the easiest way to organize international relocations, corporate moves and cross border moves. Tasks List items can be done in various ways, at various times, before some of those items move on to the Schedule List, where and when they depend on interacting with others in a specified order and at a specific time. Schedule List items are frequently the source of additional 'unexpected' stress and costs that are more easily avoided when their source is understood.

     Your own transportation to the destination country, the transportation of your goods through origin services, many types of transportation, destination services and other pitfalls adds new dimensions of work and stress.

     Years of experience has exposed anomalies that countries, transportation systems and industries present which a truly experienced relocation moving service with a truly experienced move coordinator can help with.

     Here are a core Task List and Schedule List to build from:

Moving Tasks Checklist

 ongoing work
 submit first
____<< to do now
____>> do and Schedule
         (match colours)

   Plan and prioritize what can be done ahead of time.
___>>   Submit visa application required at your destination country.
   Read on line newspapers from your prospective destination country.
       • Research things to do there with family and new friends.
       • Research what is important to the community your moving into.
       • Locate the best schools for your children.
       • Locate handy restaurants to try, while you unpack.
   Gather records you will need to take with you.
       • Medical (doctor, dentist, prescription) records and contacts.
       • Make a backup copy of passport, credit cards and personal records.
       • Professional accreditation and meaningful school records.
       • Pet and veterinarian records.
       • Insurance and any valuation certification documentation.
       • Property and investment records.
___<< Contact BEKINS to arrange an in-house survey.
       • To identify the expected weight and cubic volume of your possessions.

___>> Arrange responsibility for assets being left behind.
___<< Identify items that will be transported personally like; jewelry,financial certificates (i.e. stocks, legal agreements) or that need unique handling like collections and antiques.
___<< Identify personal items you will need during travel to the new country such as; cloths, travel documents, medications, books or toys for the kids and that you will need immediately at the destination country or the holiday you have planned along the way.
___>> Identify items that cannot legally be shipped like arms, ammunition, chemicals or you don't wish to move.
___>> Contact BEKINS to arrange the shipping of the remaining weight and cubic volume of your possessions on a time table that meets your reality.
       • Storage can be arranged to meet your travel plans.
       • Storage may be needed if its winter in your destination country.
       • Insurance may be able to be arranged.
       • Arrange itemized packing lists for importation processing.
       • Confirm corporate move policies and expected arrival time.
       • A detailed performance and cost estimate to be provided.
       • Move this to schedule list once you have a move coordinator.

___>>   Arrange a bank account, preferably with an international bank located in both countries. When you arrive you will need access to the destination currency and credit references.
___>>   Plan for the assets and goods you'll be disposing of.
___<< Arrange your Canadian Departure Tax
___<< Arrange payment current Canadian obligations.
       • Its more difficult to do from your destination.
___<< Provide contact information for friends and family.
   Meet friends to share expectations and arrange future meetings.
___>> Arrange emergency funding availability during move process.
___<< Establish a budget for first few months in the destination country.
___>> Manage your money at the bank you have in the destination country.

Moving Schedule Checklist

Mark completion:
  when complete
Use 1,2,3, etc for partial completion

____ Visa application approval received.
____ Call BEKINS to help arrange your international relocation.

____ Once dates are known, book personal travel tickets at early rates.
____ Foreign currency bank account arranged.
____ Funds put into foreign currency bank account.
____ Canadian Departure Tax and current obligations handled.
____ Provide contact information to friends and family.
____ Arrange a going away party with friends and family.
       • Its an opportunity to pass on items you will not be taking.
       • Its time to share your expectations and set future meetings.

____ Bekins Worldwide will arrive at your home to pack and wrap your goods immediately before the move date.
____ Valuable or fragile items requiring custom built crates or handling will be handled during the pack and wrap period.
____ An inventory list with tag and numbering of every piece loaded for shipment will be supplied to you on moving day.
____ Bekins Worldwide will handle the the movement of your goods at our bonded government approved facilities if it is a LCL shipment (i.e.Less Than Container Load)
____ Bekins Worldwide will complete the export documentation for the sea or air shipment and forward the paperwork to the dock or air terminal as well as those at the destination overseas, with our instructions about services you require.

____ You'll need to complete any personal entry formalities and documentation so that your legal entry in that country is established.
____ Arrange for a local phone number. Initially a pay as you go phone should be adequate.
____ Complete the securing of local accommodations. Many have found it advisable to rent for a few months to get the lay of the land before making multi year commitments.
____ Coordinate with the local contact Bekins has provided. Arranging delivery, unpacking, unwrapping and setup as required or additional storage if your accommodations are not ready as expected - all regular topics for the first meeting.
____ After delivery and unpacking of your possessions are complete, the disposal of packing and wrapping materials will be arranged by the local contact.
 Refine your budgets for the first few months.
 Establish relationships in the local community, work, schools and religious centres.
____ Cancel emergency funding not used as luggage not lost.
____ Arrange vehicle, drivers licence and auto insurance.
____ Register for available local health care.
____ Arrange a house warming party to get to know your new neighbours.
____ Regular follow up on arranged processing of pension payments, rental payments for properties left behind, dividends, etc.

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