Moving To the USA from Canada

Moving To the USA from Canada

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Relocating to the USA

   Canadians share a common mother with Americans. Things like queueing dominate in the UK and North America but are not that common elsewhere. Sharing many things makes it easy to move to the United States. Things not found the same way as with moves elsewhere in the world.
   Each state in the USA has a different environment and cultural focuses. The unique nature of the state you have chosen and the process of moving there is a where Bekins can help.
   The cost of many possessions in the USA often are less than the similar items in Canada. Consider selling items and buying new on arrival in the USA. It will avoid added shipping costs.
   Bekins has been processing moves since 1891. Coordinating cross border moves that are timely and cost effective. Success moves learned on the back of experience..

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Tips - Moving To the USA

 • Canadians with American heritage may be able to arrange resident visas or Green Cards for work more easily than others.
 • Its said a Canada USA difference is that the US is a melting pot of cultures coming together, while Canada is a vertical mosaic of the best of each culture fitting together. Political discussions about party differences may help a mosaic fit together but make melting together less likely.
 • The detailed inventory of goods made at time of packing and precise handling through the customs and immigration process goes a long way towards your goods arriving on time and as expected.
 • Your adventure at this exciting new destination maybe a unsettling so be sure to bring pictures of friends and family or cherished furnishings to make your new destination feel like a home.

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• Cost Of Living in the USA: The cost of living changes from the major cities like New York, Houston, Los Angeles, to beautiful and more rural or remote areas.

• Importing your Antique or Luxury Vehicle: Taxes, vehicle performance standards and licensing are all considerations. You may consider driving the vehicle as you cross the border before your household goods however weather conditions, timing and the need to baby your prized antique all make Bekins handling the shipping more convenient. Let us know about your vehicle and destination. We'll get back to you with help.
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• USA Visa and Immigration:You need a visa to live and work in the USA and must leave within 6 months if you come as a visitor. The visa required depends on what you want to do when you’re in the USA – visiting, working , getting married or studying.

• Taxation: Though similar the US tax environment is different. Changing your residence for tax purposes means handling the Canadian government charge of departure tax. Further selling your home versus renting it out could have implications to you ongoing taxes you might want to consider. More information here.

• US Health Care: The USA has diverse implications to health care so arranging personal health acre insurance from an private provider will mitigate short term and immediate issues.

• US Education:While equal access to quality education is one of the USA's primary goals it is very much a national issue dependant on national values.

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Two Sides To Every Move...

Important due to difficulty in doing them from your new international location.

Plan, prioritize and complete tasks that can be done ahead of time.

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