Moving To Ireland from Canada

Moving To Ireland from Canada

Relocating to Ireland

   Canadian multiculturalism and regional differences, reinforced by the large distances between regions, are very different from Ireland's reality. The Irish are proud of their more harmonious uniqueness its closeness allows. They are proud of their differences from the other UK and EU cultures.

   The rich history and beautiful countryside offer residents much joy. Experience this established culture, enjoy its life style and make great new friends.

   Ireland enjoys the benefits of low corporate tax rates (i.e. 12.5% in 2022, the lowest in the developed world) and a growing Intellectual Property base. The recent budget surplus of €10bn is expected to double by 2026. The full employment this created leaves little capacity to fill the increasing demand for housing.

Tips When Moving To Ireland

 • The most frequent advice is bring WARM clothing, sweaters, blankets and all your rain gear, to help with rainy cool weather. Irish sweaters tend to be more expensive than the cost of shipping them from Canada. Extra layers will make you glad when Ireland is chilly or damp.
 • Electronic devices are expensive compared to Canadian prices. Your 110 volt devices will work on the Irish 220 volt service, if you use a converter large enough for the wattage of the device. Bring extra large converters.
 • Traffic has the reputation of being difficult. If you bring your bike you'll have an option that avoids some of that difficulty.
 • Ireland is an island with about 6.5 million people, so has a bigger shipping and handling impact on prices than a Canadian might expect.
 • Participating with groups is key to making friends, especially for the first year. The Catholic Church, sports groups and school parent teacher associations are Irish examples.

• Current Weather in Ireland
• Inflation: 7.7% in March 2023
• Current Exchange Rate for Ireland

Special Moving to Ireland Services

• Do It Yourself International Moving to Ireland You pack your possessions and bring them to the Bekins Storage facilities. We'll arrange for them to be placed in the next consolidated shipment to Ireland.

• Store N Go: Sometimes a holiday experience can be different from actually moving there to retire. With luck your new neighbours are everything you could desire. None the less, folks do end up returning when their expectations are not able to be achieved. The Store N Go service allows possessions to be packed and ready for internationals shipment but stored until confirmation to ship is received. It lets enough time for government registration and getting to know your new neighbours. If things are not as expected the shipment costs and all the importation work is saved.

Links for Moving To Ireland

• Cost Of Living in Ireland: The cost of living in Ireland varies depending on the town or city, with Dublin being the most expensive place to live.

• Importing your Antique or Luxury Vehicle: Besides the usual need to acquire local license plates and insurance Ireland also requires a Vehicle Registration Tax (Estimate the VAT here.)on all vehicles brought into Ireland and vehicles need a Roadworthiness Certificate based on the National Car Test. (If a vehicle leaves Ireland the Export repayment scheme may apply.)

• Immigration: As a member of the European Union those guidelines apply. Ireland has considerations for migrant integration More details here..

• Irish Visa: You do not need a visa to go to Ireland but permission to stay and registration with the Irish Immigration Service are usually needed. Fees are associated with the registration and permits.

• Taxation: Ireland has similar types of taxes as found in other democratic countries.
     The value added tax goes from 0% on books, children's clothing and educational services and items to 23% on the majority of good. Personal taxes range from 20% to 40%. They have a Universal Social Charge, Pay Related Social Insurance, Capital Gains Tax and various other taxes.

• Health Care in Ireland: Irish Public Health Care and private health insurance.
     Anyone who lives in Ireland, for at least a year, should be eligible for public health care. Public health care has two levels; below a certain income level a medical card is provided and above that level a portion of doctor and hospital visits are covered. More details are here.

• Irish Education: Irish (Gaeilge) is normally compulsory in primary and post-primary schools.
     For children - More details here.     For International Post Secondary Student wanting to attend one of Ireland's 7 universities - More details here.

• Retiring to Ireland: With sufficient resources to support yourself permissions to retire to Ireland are possible.

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Plan, prioritize and complete tasks that can be done ahead of time.

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