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• AREA CODE for Zürich is 43
     (Remember that the country code to use first is 41)

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Tips For Moving to Zürich

   1. Zürich. like the rest of Switzerland, enjoys a wonderful climate. Summers are warm, winters cold and snowy, spring beautiful and autumns have amazing colours. Further, Zürich is rarely windy as it enjoys the protection of near by mountains.
      Moving is probably done best in the spring through autumn period of the year. Early spring may save you a little money however shipping in the winter can expose lacquer furniture finishes to temperature damage. In any event a spring through autumn move ins are comfortable.
      These are interesting times to move from Canada to Zürich. The drop in international tourism due to COVID opens economic opportunities for those moving to this tourist dependent country.

   2. Zürich's culture is different. The high cost of living, great outdoor activities, and over two thirds of its population renting a home, are at the core of those differences.
      There are lots of widely accepted rules generally making life easier. Along the same vein everything has a predictable cost that is the same price everyone else pays.
      You will quickly notice how stores close on Sundays as city folks leave town to enjoy outdoor options. It's about balancing work and quality of life.

   3. English is spoken in this tourism driven country. None the less, you can expect public interactions to be primarily in the local language NOT English. The local language is the cantons official language... German, French, Italian or Roman, complete with significant local differences. Swiss German, for example, is not the high German often expected... for starters it has over 3000 unique words in its vocabulary and different than expected definitions for words such as pound.

Relocating to Zürich

   Zürich's just over 400,000 population is part of the 1.4 million that make up the Zürich metropolitan market area and 1.5 million that make up the Canton of Zürich.

   Stay on top of your moving decisions.
Monitor changing COVID coverage in the Zürich local newspapers and media.

   Zürich, a beautiful place to live, is also a very expensive city to live in, even when compared to other expensive cities like New York or London.

   Vehicles that have been used for at least 6 months have duty free status. However the paper work required for importation is challenging.

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