Worldwide Moving from Canada

Worldwide Moving from Canada

Worldwide Relocations

   Moving internationally from Vancouver, BC to London, England is different from moving to Washington, DC or Perth, Australia.

   Isolated countries generally offer situations where bringing your belongings offer value. Alternately, accessible populated countries show value if purchasing new instead of moving belongings.

   Many countries impose import requirements assuring protection of their communities culture and needs.

   Bekins Worldwide will always move your items, in as timely a manner as that situation offers. A careful eye on the safety or your possessions and towards controlling the costs, also always present.

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Worldwide Moving Tips

 • Spend time researching your new homes community. Identify what is unique and important on arrival? What you'll look forward to and maybe even embrace?

 • Recognize that international moves include significantly more handling than local moves. Packing that is more robust which tolerates the added moving between trucks, trains, ships, possibly air, with added travel time over longer distances and transfers through storage and customs inspections.

 • Consider the weather during the relocation. Extremes in cold, heat or rain present situations temporary storage makes sense if you are moving lacquered furniture, for example.

 • The detailed inventory of your belongings during packing allows the precise handling through the customs and immigration process which goes a long way towards your goods arriving on time, without extra changes and as expected.

Countries and Continents Present Relocation Challenges

Electric Sockets From Around the World.

Countries use different electrical outlets. © 2018 ion web works
   Some countries provide 220-240 volt, 50Hz power while others provide the 120 volt 60 Hz power you'd find in Surrey or Victoria, BC. Countries use different electrical outlet connectors. Adapting to what is provided is a key attitude.

   Once you know which type will be used in the destination country there are voltage converters, plug adaptors, etc. that help you adapt the use of devices you want to bring along.

   High wattage devices like curling irons, blow dryers may tax power converters or devises such as computers requiring sine wave performance may be a little problematic with power converters as they shift between 50 and 60 cycle operations. COnsider the costs of buying those locally on arrival at the destination.

Links for Moving Worldwide from Canada

• Living Outside of Canada: A Canadian guide to working, studying, volunteering or retiring in a foreign country.

• Banking: You will need to be able to pay for your purchases in the country you are travelling to when you arrange housing, transportation or even to pay import duties. Canadian banks such as BMO, HSBC, RBC, and Scotiabank, arrange accounts through their international branches or affiliates. Comparing the destination banks: exchange rates, fees, service in English, ATM fees and other monthly fees.

• Taxation: Changing your Canadian residence for tax purposes means handling the Canadian government departure tax charges. Further selling your home versus renting it out could have implications to you ongoing taxes you might want to consider.

• International Health Care: The bank you select may be able to recommend health insurance options. Health care while you are moving and coverage for issues not covered by government programs are important to prepare for, even if as simple as more immediate emergency service or ambulance assistance.

• Your Antique or Luxury Vehicle: Taxes, vehicle performance standards, documentation for customs clearance on arrival, storage and quarantine are considerations when moving it to any country. The need to baby your prized vehicle, as it gets crated inside a container, added to those considerations make the experience Bekins has earned over the years even more important. CLICK HERE To let Bekins know about your vehicle and destination. We'll get back to you with help.
A pre crating inspection of a silver antique vehicle. © 2018 ion web works

Navigating a Worldwide Move

Two Sides To Every Move...

Important due to difficulty in doing them from your new international location.

Plan, prioritize and complete tasks that can be done ahead of time.

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