Moving To New Zealand from Canada

Moving To New Zealand from Canada

Relocating to New Zealand

   Canadians, familiar with island living, will feel comfortable with its island life style. Only the higher UV lights impact on fading possetions as it grows plants is a unusual for Canadians. New Zealand is a population of immigrants (i.e. even the native Maori only arrived about 800 years ago) that embraces multiculturalism. It basis is the equality of everyone.
   One of the worlds most friendly and relaxed countries, New Zealand, is a chosen destination for those seeking a natural life style.
   Moving to New Zealand opens up the world of a balanced, relaxed and nature focused lifestyle.

Tips When Moving To New Zealand

 • A relatively small population on an island a long way away from the large populations that enjoy economies of scale means things are more expensive than elsewhere in the world. Bringing items that cost more in New Zealand or may not be readily available are a smart way to control costs.
 • New Zealand receives many sunny days. Those days receive more UV rays than you might expect because New Zealand is directly below a hole in the ozone layer. Bring sun screen, sunglasses and consider the items you put in the windows of your new home to avoid the UV rays discolouring them.
 • An SUV can be very useful, even though traffic is not heavy outside of Auckland, as public transit is limited and 2 lane roads outnumber highways.
 • Health care is government subsidized however dental is not. Get dental work done before leaving home and arranging dental insurance coverage.
 • The cooperative friendly society is based on working together. Not standing out is a norm, overdressing for dressing for success or bragging are things to avoid in daily activity.

2019, July 19th, Containers from All Countries

   New Zealand now requires certification / container fumigation before shipment.
   • Sea Container Guidelines
   • Air Container Guidelines
   • Approved Treatments
   • Sensitive Risk Goods

Welcome to New Zealand

The Right Time of Year To Move

Welcome to New Zealand

     A new non-stop Air Canada Dreamliner seasonal route from Vancouver to Auckland, New Zealand, is coming available from December 19, 2019 thru March 2020. Kiwi's visit Vancouver in the winter season. Canadians travel to a summer getaway during Canada’s winter months. Picking the right time of year to move can offer you opportunities.

Links For Moving To New Zealand

• Cost Of Living in New Zealand: The cost of living in New Zealand varies depending on whether you will be living in Auckland or elsewhere. Housing is frequently found to have little or no insulation. It might be wise to leave some of your belongings in storage until you are confident of the location you have selected to live. Even though rental rates appear low they are usually based on a weekly rate, instead of the monthly Canadians situation, they can end up expensive when heating costs are also included.

• Importing your Antique or Luxury Vehicle into New Zealand: The usual need for license plates, insurance plus Goods and Services Tax are all part of bringing vehicles into New Zealand. All new or used motor vehicles, including motorcycles, imported into New Zealand must be certified by New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), before they can be registered for use on public roads. The vehicle may not have been modified and replaced components be original.More on vehicles during immigration.

• New Zealand Immigration and Visa: You do not need a visa to go to New Zealand but permission to stay and registration with the New Zealand Immigration Service are usually needed. Fees are associated with the registration and permits.

• New Zealand Taxation: New Zealand Goods and Services Tax and Income Tax. Exceptions and implications here.

• Health Care in New Zealand: New Zealand Public Health Care, dental and private health insurance. Accessing public health care requires residency status and registering with a GP. There are also some district-funded health care options called Primary Health Organization (PHO) that provide additional medical cost subsidies that have registration requirements. Private health care is desirable for speeding up access to medical services.

• New Zealand Education: New Zealand has compulsory education for children age 6 to 16. Permanent residents attend free public schools while foreign children require a student visa with affordable international student fees. Private schools are available, typically at higher costs than public schools. Schools offering the International Baccalaureate programme, are among the best in the world.
For a comparison of Canadian and New Zealand universities Click here

• Retiring to New Zealand: Parent Retirement and Temporary Retirement programs.

Two Sides To Every Move...

Important due to difficulty in doing them from your new international location.

Plan, prioritize and complete tasks that can be done ahead of time.

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