Moving To Scotland from Canada

Moving To Scotland from Canada

Relocating to Scotland

   The friendly Scottish society, proud traditions, straight forward ways and great sense of humour, offer wonderful traits to live with.
   Canadians understand harsh winters. Scots too embrace the reality of being hardy and also the beauty of nature, especially when the sun comes out or their Northern Lights shine. Scots also live next door to a dominant neighbour they differentiate themselves from... the English.
   Moving to Scotland, for a 6 month season or with a longer term visa, offers world class, densely populated, expensive cities, like Edinburgh or rural less populated, more cost effective country living.
   Of the 5.5 million population, 70% live in the central area around Edinburgh and Glasgow. Roads connecting the central area to the rest of Scotland tend to be narrow with unexpected pot holes. It is roads like those that focus on why how Bekins packs for international moves is important. Standard packing done by 'local' movers is not considerate of the extra jostling. Plus there are the transfers from truck to rail to ship and customs storage. A lot to absorb on the way to a new international destination.

Tips When Moving To Scotland

 • WARM clothing, sweaters, blankets and all things warm are important to bring along. The harsh climate and the midges (tiny insects that bite so bring repellent too) are environmental realities.
 • Driving a 4 x 4 or taking the train help deal with the narrow roads and unexpected pot holes.
 • Internet availability tends to be lacking and slower than Canadians expect.
 • Scottish homes are generally smaller than Canadians are used to. Select what you bring to make your new home comfortable with that in mind.
 • For Scots, politically correct takes second place to forth right direct to the point. What people say, think and do tends to have harmony. Multicultural and racial division are not as much of a concern as elsewhere - commonly thought because they are busy with anti English and religious ones instead.

Links for Moving To Scotland

• Cost Of Living in Scotland: The cost of living in Scotland varies significantly between urban Edinburgh and rural areas.

• Importing your Antique or Luxury Vehicle: Within 14 days of arrival, a vehicle remaining more than 6 months must be registered. The process requires tax be paid first (although there may be relief), meeting environmental and safety regulations, acquiring a insurance policy in the UK, arranging MOT (certify its a roadworthy car) for cars over 3 years old, and to be driven by one with a valid driving licence. Practically speaking this also means a local phone number, local address and local bank account existing already to make these easier to arrange.

• UK Visa and Immigration:You need a visa to live and work in Scotland or must leave within 6 months when coming as a visitor. The visa required depends on what you want to do when you’re in Scotland.

• Taxation: Scotland has similar taxes, as other democratic countries. Its income tax information can be found here.

• Scottish Health Care: NHS Scotland (National Health Service) is available to those living in Scotland. Private health care covered by private insurance is also available. You are required to register as an NHS patient at the nearest medical centre and be assigned to a local Scottish General Practitioner unless your new employer has already done it for you, once you've moved to Scotland. Entitlement to healthcare in Scotland is not subject to one’s nationality, but to one’s current employment/studying status. Full-time employees and students typically receive many free health care services including; medical advice service provided by your GP, medicines prescribed by your GP, and eye exams.

• Scottish Education: Scotland has provided universal education since the 17th century. It is available up to age 18, with performance after 16 directing access to post secondary institutions. Information on Scotland's top 5 universities here.

Two Sides To Every Move...

Important due to difficulty in doing them from your new international location.

Plan, prioritize and complete tasks that can be done ahead of time.

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