International Moving Solutions

International Moving Solutions

"international moving options"

     Bekins is proud to support unusual international moving services that are frequently required.

     When obtaining the same special possession in the destination country is not practical, or when the possession has sentimental value, Bekins will work on your behalf, to safely move it.

Large Heavy Items

    Moving safes that are large and heavy can be extremely dangerous. The floors, movers and vehicles...

can easily be damaged. Remember the whole point of a safe is that it be extremely difficult to move by unauthorized persons.
   Experienced movers will understand the need for pallet jacks, heavy duty tail lifts, along with the equipment to remove them without damaging floors and walls. Safe experience also comes in handy when dealing with the removed safe contents.

     Knowing how to move a pool table that is, heavy, large and at the same time fragile is not that common. Pool tables have one...

to several slabs of heavy quarried slate under a special tightly-woven worsted wool, felt like, cloth covering that is easily damaged. Getting it through many doorways without damaging, the pool table or floor is challenging.
   Disassembling the table is virtually the only way to move it. Custom crating is the only way to safely ship it to its new international destination. Depending on its 7ft, 8ft or 9ft size and whether it uses a ball return mechanism or simple drop pockets impacts the disassembly and crating work. It is a challenge Bekins knows how to meet.

International Vehicle Shipment

Internation Car Shipment

        International car shipments require...

attention to importation requirements.

Move and antique car internationally
Classic Cars

        Classic Cars are treated with great...

respect for the cars structure and finish.

Move a motorcycle internationally

      Motorcycle crating and protection provide...

the stability to stop weight shifting and the cycles movement damages its finish and any items near it in the container.

Car Collections

     Car collection vehicles have varying...

levels of restoration. Babying fragile yet to be restored antique cars and partial restorations is at the heart of Bekins international vehicle relocation’s.

Moving Services

Clergy Federal, Provincial and Local Government

     International ministries, missions and clergy going on foreign assignments.

Government Federal through Local Government international moves

       Government offices, federal through local, locating internationally.

Seniors Federal, Provincial and Local Government

       Seniors retiring, repatriating, or accompanying family to another country.

Universities Federal, Provincial and Local Government

      Sending staff or students to a university in another country.

Treasures, Collections and Moving Antiques Internationally

Moving Antique Books
Moving Book Collections

      The best way to move books depends on their...

condition. Whether they are hardcover or manuscripts, their age, type of binding and value all point towards packing and transport to consider.

Moving Collectibles - Doll Collections, Memorabilia
Moving Collectibles

     Collections of memorabilia, cultural,...

sports, scientific, etc. items can be moved. Collections such as these will have particular needs based on their condition and value. Give Bekins a call to discuss yours.

Navigating International Move Management

Moving Pets and Live Possessions

     Federal regulations restrict the transport of perishable possessions by regulated moving vans, which includes Bekins. Moving live possessions requires feeding, cleaning and monitoring that is unique to what is being moved. Bekins will link you up with those who have provided that experience in the past and help manage that along with the progress of your Bekins international move.

     Moving plants and animals internationally means permits, certifications, and quarantine rules. The type of plant or animal, the country it originates from and even the city it is going to, will run into restrictions and requirements. In Canada this means working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency at its local CFIA office.


Special friends joining the move...
   All live possessions moving cross border must be able to pass inspection at the destination and be unrestricted for export in the origin country. Pets will be unsettled by...

the change of homes.

Preparing your pet removes apprehension. Consider helping your pet with these steps.
  • Introduce pets to the carrier you will be using to take them to your international destination, as far ahead of time as possible. Feed them in the carrier without interrupting them till they stop eating. Make it a safe place they can go to.
  • Take pets on a bit of a road trip. Leave them in the carrier and cover the door with a blanket that has you scent on it. Later extend the trips to longer durations. Once home let the pet out, show affection, all is good with the world.
  • If the trips expose pet anxiety visit your vet. Ask the vet for something that will calm the pet based on their understand of that pets situation.
  •  Prepare for the new home and future packing in your current home by leaving open boxes laying around. Change the pets room layout a little each day as well.
  • When moving day comes arrange for the pet to be elsewhere, avoiding that extra activity and excitement.
  • On arrival be patient, show a little extra attention and consider a microchip implant for pet safety and your own peace of mind.

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