Moving To the EU from Canada

Moving To the EU from Canada

Relocating to the EU

   Canadians will find the EU public transportation a real surprise. Travel is less expensive, faster and more convenient than most expect. English is widely used. Fitting in also means using the local language complete with slang and accents.
    The EU is a set of neighbouring countries that stands out because they are different countries with different values. As a general rule "working to eat rather than eating fast to work". Discussing anything other than work will be likely.
   The cost of items and associated availability will be lacking for most Canadians. Local unique characteristics present frequent surprises in what each of their communities value.
   Bekins years of moves to the EU and its importations situations helps possessions arrive as expected.

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Tips - Moving To the EU

 • Canadians with European heritage may be able to arrange resident visas and EU Blue Cards for work, more easily than those without. Regardless, starting the process of securing your place in the destination country as soon as possible is important.
 • There are regulation and tax complexities across the EU countries that speaking only English may not uncover. A local agent can help uncover these time and cost sink holes.
 • A significant focus on providing details for forms and requests helpd things to go your way. Typo's, missing information, and partial answers are seldom forgiven. Usually they extended delays and add costs for your request.
 • Smaller homes, not designed like Canadians ones, get in the way of it feeling like home. Pictures of friends and family or personal treasures will help it feel like a home.

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• Cost Of Living in the EU: The cost of living in the EU varies greatly between the major cities like London, Paris, Berlin, etc. and the more rural or remote areas such as one would find in Transylvania.

• Importing your Antique or Luxury Vehicle: Each country has local considerations for import duties, VAT, vehicle performance standards and licensing. Usually there is a limited time window on arrival of your belongings that this too must be addressed. Options exist to avoid or reduce taxes when; you have resided outside of the EU for at least the last 12 months, have owned the personal vehicle for the last 6 months there, are bringing the vehicle with your move and will keep the vehicle for at least the next 12 months. Let us know about your vehicle and destination. We'll get back to you with help.

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• European Union Visa and Immigration:You need a visa to live and work in the EU and must leave within 6 months if you come as a visitor. The visa required depends on what you want to do when you’re in the EU – visiting, working , getting married or studying.

• Taxation: THE EU includes a wide variety of tax schemes. Arrange for your destination countries Tax ID Number as soon as possible and expect an extended amount of time until you receive it.

• Health Care: The EU has diverse implications to health care so arranging personal health acre insurance from an private provider will mitigate short term and immediate issues.

• Education:While equal access to quality education is one of the EU's primary goals it is very much a national issue dependant on national values.

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