Whats Included In An International Move

Whats Included In An International Move

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Each family has unique needs.

     Each international move is different. Each corporate international move has twists and turns about that companies productivity. Trade shows prioritize timing. The experience Bekins has acquired and earned, over the years, brings the judgement in using resources that match that clients priorities and needs. As specialists in end to end single source international moving services they take pride in helping to match the needs of each client and situation.

International Moves Are More Than A Matter of Distance

Bekins experienced customer care service.

Your move will be about:

  Your possessions moving between countries.

  You and your family travelling internationally to your new home.

  Following up the tasks and schedule interactions of the shipment activities.

  The move management of in transit handling, storage, port processing, freight forwarding and insurance.

  Adapting transit and destination options to adjust for delay and capacity issues.

  Adjust for the timing and cost implications governments impose and require.

     Moving between countries is about more than distance. The time and money expended also depends on weight, packing, proper loading for the chosen method of transit and destination processing, insurance and goods management services the shipment requires through the countries and freight handlers. An eye to the reliability of goods security, speed and overall cost implications also needs to exist throughout the process.

Each international move follows its own path.

At Your New Home In The New Country and New City

     On arrival in your new community there will be help waiting to get all the family comfortably settled into your new home. You will receive assistance with unpacking through to any third party services that you've requested. Expect answers to questions that help you feel like your new house is your new home.

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