Move Management

Move Management

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Bekins single point coordination system for international moves.

Aspects of Move Management

     Clients hire Bekins for international move management using as much or as little as the clients relocation requires.

     Move management includes full global services delivery. Bekins uses in house staff for much of this global supply chain work. Client and destination operations in other languages and with other regulations need help. Bekins years of experience guides the management of all or portions of global moves. Those portions can include; origin agent, consolidating warehouse, freight forwarder, origin port, container company, shipping company, destination port, destination bonded warehouse, destination agent, and international move insurance.

     Experienced professionals plan and handle every detail of Bekins's move management responsibility, through a single point processing system. Details including execution by trained crews doing packing, disassembly, loading, storage, transporting, unpacking and reassembly, is the route to a quality move. All without extra surprise costs or lost time. Bekins is proud of its single point processing system for successful international moves.

The Move Management Process

In a perfect world preparation begins months in advance.
In the real world preparation uses the time available.

   assemble those involved into a team
   involve and engage those moving, family members and co workers
   clarify shipment and destination requirements
   manage tasks and schedules through reporting and completion reviews

Who Uses Move Management

Bekins experienced customer care service.

Employee and Family Relocations

     Move management experts reduce the time consumed by international moves. They help with stresses family members will face with life in another country. Managing the project, on the surface, keeps expected time lines on track. It also, keeps costs under control, helps keep family working together and lets job productivity continue.

Retirement and Senior Relocations

     Relocating a lifetime of things that include, favourite chairs, family pictures, and mementos is special work. They are to become part of the new adventure in another country. Older folks tend to like daily routines and their things in familiar locations. Change brings stress. Bekins can help by providing the destination unpackers with a layout notes. Packing already creates the inventory for import processing. For example, notes on pictures hung and clustered together, goes a long way in making the new home comfortable. Professional packing and safe shipping goes a long way in easing new country anxiety.

Corporate Relocations

     Business and executive relocations are about productivity and disruptions. Move management planning assures task list and schedules are share by all involved. Expectations get firmed up so everyone sees the same expectations. Reporting and follow up the steps of the international move keeps budgets on track. Understanding what numbers mean while dealing with the international move keeps it dependable.

Divorce and Bereavement Relocation

     Emotional is part of the change among those we spend much of our life with. Experienced professionals organizing the logistics of an international bring calm and order. A senior loosing a partner and moving closer to another family member can have significant downsizing issues. Emotions also clouds dealing with possessions and item disposition. Experience and patience help. Flexible storage programs can also help buy time for emotion to subside.

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