Moving A Piano Internationally

Moving A Piano Internationally

     Moving a piano cross border depends on the transit plan. The freight methods and destination are also considerations. Packing a piano depends on, is it a grand or upright piano, what is the pianos condition and what will the travel conditions be like. The movers skills and experience balances these to deliver risk reduction at the most reasonable cost.

     The condition of the piano is significant, especially for heirloom or older classical pianos. Existing rust can be a warning sign of humidity weakening wood joints. Older keys and lacquered finishes are vulnerable to separation in extreme cold. How the piano's design accommodates moving needs like unique packing and crating. These are realities how to move a piano must consider, regardless of the moves destination travel plan.

     The right staff and piano moving equipment matters. How to move a grand piano or moving an upright piano work best with the right dolly. Wrapping the piano in padding or ridged mounting in a custom crate using its own design bolts are options. Plastic wrap isolates the piano from the environment as does using a furniture vault. International shipments, by ship, can experience tilts of 10 to 20 degrees. Pianos are heavy items. Secure mounting within the crate, furniture vault and container is a serious matter.

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     Enjoy a safer, more successful, award winning experience.

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