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Perspective on Moving to Sydney, Australia

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 Education: Schools in Sydney
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• AREA CODE for Sydney is 2
     (Remember: that the country code to use first is 61)
          when in Australia the emergency number is 000, not 911

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Tips For Moving to Sydney

   1. Sydney like most of Australia is near the beach. Its location and generally mild weather help the moving process, any time of year. January's temperatures reaching the 80 degree range while autumn (i.e. March and April) likely would be your favoured time of year for moves.
       Sydney's traffic congestion brings surprise delays and very high parking fees. Moving out of the core to communities like San Souci and Parraatta trades off those costs for transit and time delays.
       The high cost of travelling back to Canada should be considered as you plan the items items you will be taking with you to Sydney.

   2. Sydney's high demand for all forms of housing make it expensive to unaffordable by any standard. Rapid population growth, significant new job creation are core parts of this "Alpha City" according to the 2020 Globalization and World Cities Research Network. High demand for moving services bring processing moves in a predictable and timely way to the forefront.

   3. Sydney is both the same and different from Vancouver. Detailed planning for shipping your possessions, pets and vehicles, as well as using them there, is key. Their seasons are the reverse of Canada, driving is on the left side of the road, guns have been restricted since 1996, etc. It takes time to sort out the differences between what locals say, what they think and then what they actually do. Give yourself that time to adapt.

Relocating to Sydney

   Sydney is Australia's largest city. Its more than five million people call themselves Sydneysiders.

   Sydney is a friendly active place. Sporting, outdoor and cultural events abound. Sydney however is a long way from the rest of the world with travel time, time zone differences, with the costs that implies, reinforcing the focus on Australian activities and avoiding isolation anxiety.

   Sydney is a culturally diverse city with more than half its population having connections overseas.

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