International Car Shipment

International Car Shipment

Whether RORO, terminal to terminal or door to door:

     A move, with international car shipping, lets a car not easily available in the destination country, or with personal value to come along.

    • Securely loading the car into a container is the safest way to ship an automobile. Depending on the type of vehicles and container more than one car may fit the same container. Adding a platform or wall allows more of the containers space for other possessions.

    • Certainly it is also possible to include spare parts or maintenance items. They will be secured with the car in a way that utilizes the space effectively.

    • Unlike antique vehicles that may have regulation exception status, current model cars will face regulations from all the levels of government in the destination country. To avoid penalties and import rejection preparing to meet those requirements before shipment.

    • The successful shipment of a vehicle includes a safety inspection. That inspection happens before container loading preparation. Documenting the vehicle supports a prior appraisal for insurance purposes. It also provides documentation for customs. All vehicles are always inspected... whether a family car, all terrain vehicle or luxury car.

Bekins award winning customer service.

     Since 1891, Bekins has focused on providing staff that are experienced, trained and background checked. Hiring the best most experienced members of the moving and storage industry together with providing extensive staff training builds the specialized abilities shipping classic cars can require.

     Experience plus ongoing training have made Bekins the best choice for international moving.
     Enjoy a safer, more successful, award winning experience.

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