Moving A Wine Collection InternationallY

Moving A Wine Collection InternationallY

   Moving a wine collection internationally faces challenges that include; government transit approvals, wine temperature stability during what typically includes dramatic temperature changes, and the impact of wine vibration on top of the fragile nature of wine bottles.

   Wine collectors take pride in caring for their collection. It merits the extra attention paid by Bekins packing and transit staff. Every move has risks. Wine collection moves have more than normal. Bekins makes the secure handling and safety of the wine collection a top priority.

   Wine collections are an investment. Professional packing and handling are the foundation of arriving safely and securely. Moving cannot replicate the stability a wine cellar provides. Transportation priorities must strive for climate control and minimal handling. There will be bottle shock. It is unavoidable. Let the collection sit for several days after arrival to avoid the impact on enjoyment. The celebration of a successful move more than a week after arrival, assures an enhanced return on that investment.

   Wine collections vary in worth but the pain of a loss to a collection is the same. Arrange a local appraiser to value your collection. The appraisal and the inventory created during packing are tools to securing insurance at reasonable cost. Risk and peace of mind levels differ for everyone yet private insurance is the option many are able to secure.

   Moving a wine collection across borders includes shipping cost versus destination availability considerations. A going away party, sharing wine and repurchasing on arrival, is an alternative to moving the wine collection. It can bring both added joy and economic sense. When availability or personal needs dictate moving the wine collection Bekins is here to help.

Bekins award winning customer service.      Since 1891, Bekins has focused on providing staff that are background checked, experienced and trained. Hiring the best most experienced members of the moving and storage industry together with providing extensive staff training builds the specialized abilities moving wine collections can require.

     Experience plus ongoing training have made Bekins the best choice for international moving.
     Enjoy a safer, more successful, award winning experience.

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