Moving to Merida, Mexico from British Columbia

Tips For Moving to Merida

   1. The best months for a move are March or mid November. December to February is the peak tourist season that brings turmoil and costs. Between April and October it gets hot (i.e. 90+ ° F) and has annual precipitation that sees occasional hurricane and street flooding... avoid moving then.

   2. Meida is one of the three oldest colonial cities (i.e. Mexico CIty, Havana & Merida). Old buildings, poor roads and sidewalks, all present access and fragile structural issues, requiring extra time.

   3. Yucateco, prioritize many non work obligations, showing up late or at the last moment, if not at all. They do work hard, and often help on another unexpectedly. Once moved in this is to be expected.

   4. Move only items that have meaning and joy in your life. Sell of or donate items that are easily bought new in Merida to avoid stress and shipping expenses.

Relocating to Merida

   Merida is the capital or Yucatan, one of thirty two Mexican States. It's population of just under one million makes up a major portion of the Yucatan.

The realities of living in Merida include:
    Merida is a city of charming heritage, that as a city was first named by the Spaniards after a city in Spain, in 1542. Merid includes Dzibilchaltun, the longest-serving Mayan city dating back to 1500 BC. A core part of that heritage is its unique dialect, that has roots in the Maya language.

    Expect a "Gringo" tax. It takes the form of higher prices than locals pay and extra time to deal with integrating or filling out forms that are needlessly complicated.

    The "White City", named after all its white washed buildings, is the safest city in Mexico and in the top five in North America according to the awards it has received.

    The low cost of living makes Merida a great place to retire too.

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