Moving to London from British Columbia

Tips For Moving to London

   1. The best months to move in, are February and March. Tourist traffic is at a minimum and moving services more readily available. Unfortunately, shipping possessions via container across the Atlantic in winter can be problematic for lacquer finished furniture, among other things, and securely packing the container more important to deal with the shifting caused by the winter oceans.

   2. As one of the oldest cities in the world, gentrification is real. Besides driving up the costs of real estate, old building designs, additions and repairs present unique challenges to the work of moving in.

   3. The summers can be hot and humid as tourists constipate London. Winter, can have occasional sever wind storms accompanied by rain or even snow.

   4. Move only the items that will bring joy to your life. For example; leave many electrical items behind as the standard voltage is 230 V at 50 Hz using a type G plug.

Relocating to London

   London is England's largest community. London and its 32 boroughs are just about the 15 million that make up the Greater London area.

The realities of living in London include:
    London is a densely populated city so shares the issues of crime, pollution and multiculturalism all big cities face. The cost of transportation is significant. Living in the core of London has costs and access challenges that change as you move outward through the 9 zones surrounding old London.

    London is home to many world class, well known universities and hospitals. Their role within the European Union was changed impacting many corporations. A renewed drive for talent has been triggered, along with creating a new structure for relationships with other countries.

    Interestingly London receives less rain than New York. The often missed more significant consideration is wind proofing, even for umbrellas.

    The impact of heavy tourism is shown by the massive arrivals at the 6 airports serving London. London is the most visited city in the world. A busy place.

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