Moving to Edinburgh from British Columbia

Tips For Moving to Edinburgh

   1. The best months to move in, are February, March April and May. The aver\age temperature is reasonable, as is the average participation and sunshine. Unfortunately, to arrive at that time, shipping possessions via container across the Atlantic in winter can be problematic for lacquer finished furniture, and securely packing the container more important to deal with the shifting caused by the winter oceans.

   2. Edinburgh is one of the oldest cities in the world. The costs of real estate and typical building designs encourage accommodations to be smaller and access to be more challenging. What you take with you needs to be carefully considered, most specifically with regards to will it fit in the space available and does it lend itself to easily being handled during the move in. Simply take only those items that bring real joy to your life.

   3. Coordinating your move in together with the various registrations for needed services make having a cell phone number already established a real benefit. Luckily you will be pleasantly surprised at just how reasonable the rates and monthly plans are compared to Canada.

   4. WHile the Scots do speak English they also have a language and vernacular all their own. It goes beyond the typical need to fill in government forms in a meaningful way and on to cultural implications that come from daily consumption of the environment that is Scotland.

Relocating to Edinburgh

   Edinburgh is Scotland's second largest city. Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland for hundreds of years. The about half a million plus Edinburghers are part of the 1.5 million market size and proud of the fact that their city is the second largest financial centre in the UK.

The realities of living in Edinburgh include:
    Edinburgh has about 2000 Canadians in it's population core so you will find some kindred spirits to share the experience with.

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