Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle Shipping

     Automobile shipping to various countries has options that are provided on a regular service basis. Cars are shipped in their own FCL, by groupage service 20' or 40' steel containers, or by RORO service.

• Containers
     The car is blocked and braced securely, to assure there is no movement during transit. If personal effects are sharing the same container, they are loaded first, then a wooden wall installed between the goods and the vehicle. If needed a deck over the auto can be installed to provide more room for possessions.

• Roro Service
     Several countries can be served by the RORO method, although the service is not as frequent as the regular container vessel routes. Your auto is driven onto a specially equipped car ferry, then securely tied down and covered for protection during transit.

• Importing Motor Vehicles Into Canada
     No vehicle may be imported into Canada unless it meets Canadian Safety Standards. Vehicles purchased in countries other than Canada and the U.S.A. are not eligible for importation unless specifically ordered to meet Canadian safety and emissions standards. If you ship a vehicle to Canada which does not bear the statement of compliance label affixed by the manufacturer, it will need to be exported out of Canada and a fine of up to $5,000.00 Cdn paid. An exception exists for vehicles manufactured over 15 years or more prior to importation.

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Vehicle Transport Types

Completed Restoration

Containers protect Classic Vehicles      Completely restored antique vehicles.   

In Progress Restoration

Antique Vehicles Need Delicate Handling      Classic auto restorations in progress.   

Special Purpose Vehicles

Ship All Terrain Vehicles to USA      All terrain vehicles, one of a kind show cars.   

Family Car

Ship 1 new Mustang and 1 Classic Mustang to France      Much loved cars used daily.   

New Car

Ship a 2019 BMW SUV to Italy      New cars for your new country.   


Ship a DUCATI Motorcycle to Australia      Freedom on the road motorcycle.   
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