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Perspective on Moving to Melbourne, Australia

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• AREA CODE for Melbourne is 3
     (Remember that the country code to use first is 61)

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Tips For Moving to Melbourne

   1. Melbourne is known for having "four seasons in one day". Moves in Melbourne run a risk from these many time a day, repeating, weather interruptions. Melbourne is located between a dry hot inland and a cool southern ocean, leading to weather reactions as the two meet.
       One can expect warm through hot summers with stable comfortable grey sky winters. A little like North Vancouver versus Richmond and Surrey, rain tends to fall mostly on eastern suburbs leaving the most of Melbourne dry. Many find that 'dry' to be very desirable when compared to the humidity of Sydney or Brisbane.
      Autumn is likely the best time of year to process moves.

   2. Melbourne high demand rental housing and housing in general is considered by many as expensive to unaffordable. These are fuelled by over all rapid population growth. The growth is driven by new job creation. Melbourne was labelled an "Alpha City" in 2020 by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. Demand is high for services associated with homes. It can lead to concerns about processing moves in a predictable and timely manner.

   3. The high cost of living reflects similarly to US and European cities. There is a high minimum wage, real estate costs are high, and that was before the impact of COVID. You can expect these factors to weigh on the costs of moving in.

   4. Melbourne is far away so detailed planning is key as shipping your possessions, pets and vehicles, cause it will take time.

Relocating to Melbourne

   Melbourne is Australia's 2nd largest city. Its five million people refer to themselves as Melburnians.

   Melbourne is a friendly active place that takes it's sporting, outdoor and cultural events seriously. None the less, Melbourne is a long way from the rest of the world with all the travel time involved, time zone differences and cost of travel that implies, so Melbourne tends to focus on Australian activities in an effort to avoid isolation anxiety.

   More than half of those in Melbourne either are born or have relatives born overseas. It is a culturally diverse city with a very positive international reputation.

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