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• AREA CODE for Canberra is 2
     (Remember that the country code to use first is 61)

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Tips For Moving to Canberra

   1. Canberra is able to enjoy all the seasons.
      Summers are generally hot and dry (i.e. 12 to 28°C), with occasional scorching mid day sun or late day thunderstorms. January is typically the hottest each year and also when many leave to holiday at the coast.
      Autumn kicks in around April 25th when Canberrans turn their heaters on. Winters bring fog and its associated frost, even some snow. Canberra is at northern end of Australia's highest mountain range where snow-capped mountains provide most of the snow scenery during winter.
      Spring has cool evenings and nights, with the most annual rainfall coming in November. White fluff announces hay fever season, fuelled by all the spring high-allergen grasses.
      You get to determined when to move instead of being limited by the climate.

   2. Canberra was designed to be the capital city of Australia. A layout with purpose and travel in mind. Well known for ease of driving, even during its minor rush hour traffic. You can expect on time moving activities.

   3. Canberra is located half way between Sydney and Melbourne and the couple of hours drive to either. While Canberra is home to many embassies it is nice to also have access to the options those two large Australian cities offer.

Relocating to Canberra

   Canberra is Australia's largest inland city and 8th largest city overall. Its almost half million people predominantly work in government roles and international relations.

   Canberra is a friendly place that is also one of the safest. It's crime rate is one of the lowest in Australia. To fit in it is best to to get your ACT (i.e. Australian Capital Territory that Canberra is part of) driver licence within three months of taking up residency.

   About a third of those in Canberra were born over seas and as one of the most livable cities in the world it continues to attract those beyond Australia's borders.

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