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• AREA CODE for Brisbane is 07
     (Remember that the country code to use first is 61)

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Tips For Moving to Brisbane

   1. Brisbane sometimes has amazing rainfall, especially at the end of hot humid days. Winters present more temperate weather so are the best time of year to move in or out.

   2. Brisbane has some issues with traffic flow. Like many large cities it has traffic issues. Plus, the added distances between things always adds to the time traffic takes. No one means to be late is an accepted understanding. Movers arriving on time is the norm, as they are familiar with times needed to travel.

   3. The cost of housing is reasonable so preparing to move in is a small investment enjoyed over time.

   4. Whether bringing a car or obtaining one locally, a Roadworthy certificate is important. Help for this is available from government information found here.

Relocating to Brisbane

   The Metropolitan Brisbane area is the third largest in Australia, at just over 2.5 million.

   Brisbane enjoys a warm humid climate that sees little of any winter and a laid back friendly culture. Like all hot humid climates it has its share of insect pests. You will want to wear repellent to ward of the mosquitoes and avoid the Ross River virus they can bring. New homes are built to defend against cockroaches, termites, etc. but if your looking at living in an older home consider repairs to screens and treating the soil around the house to drive the pests away, BEFORE moving in.

   A laid back culture exists in Australia's third largest city. The economy is a significant consideration. The economic strengths of Sydney and Melbourne attract movement from Brisbane but at the expense of the laid back comfortable life style Brisbane enjoys.

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